Jhebbal Sag altar tier 3 vanished - 3 years gone same problem

Game mode: Single-player offline
Type of issue: Bug
Hardware: PS5

More then 3 years ago this bug has been reported for PC and obviously it’s still active on Playstation.
Restarted playing Conan Exiles and all my god altars from days past are still there and active.
But once I made a new Jebbal Sag alter and upgraded to tier 3 it disappeared and I’m not going to do that again!
Recreating it should be easy:
Play the game for several hours,
build the alter,
upgrade to tier 3,
watch it disappear!

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Spawn it from admin mode, “recreation” is very easy actually.
You go to your settings, you become admin, then you go to admin panel, top right type Jhebbal (search engine), then you choose building (under the search engine) and you choose the tier 3 Altair. Pick ten and put them on a chest for just in case.
Now if you want a priest spawn him again from the admin panel too, medium section.
See? Easy :man_shrugging:
Have fun m8, see you around :+1:t6:

So cheat to make up for a lack of support for a known bug? Sounds like funcom alright… :sweat_smile:

When you upgraded the alter, did u leave and come back later to find it not there?

It’s a problem I discovered a long time ago.

Solution: Upgrade the alter and don’t go anywhere. Just stay at the alter until it has finished upgrading.

I ain’t Funcom :grin:, I am a player like you. On single player we have no effort “regognise”, so either you play the game this way or another, the game it’s the same. Nothing is going to change, if you understand what I mean. I know how “difficult” or “expensive” is to make a tier 3 Altair and even more to find a tier 4 or named priest. I started this game years ago on single player, finishing the story in decadent and barbaric and then I went online. The game in online option is a totally different game.
Especially on officials that there is no way to have “refunds”, except if you meet nice people and volunteer to help you recover and that’s a beautiful feeling.
I do challenges my self and I don’t use single player because they cannot be “valid”.
An example
If the game had an off line “regognise”, to make me feel “proud” that I’ve done it, maybe I would never go online, but at the same time in maximum 6 months I would never play it again.
About the “known” bugs all I can say is that there are a lot that come and go all these years, they must be hard to detect or even our console may cause them. I remember in a live stream a dev said that they were looking for months in a problem that was hiding in our consoles library :man_shrugging:.
If you want to do a proper bug report about this issue, there is a standard procedure, it would be best to follow it, it helps them a lot.
Thank you for “this” @KiLLa187916, you “fixed” my Sunday morning coffee in my beloved forum :rofl:. If you ever thing going on line and you need help, name the server and I will pass for some help.
See you around I hope :+1:t6:.

Atleast you only lost altars. It bugged out creating a token. 3 gods poof (Yog and Set were okay) Basically ruined a surprise attack on an alpha ( had all 5 tokens crafting to hit inventory 4 minutes apart). Once they saw we could create 5 gods (Altars on the map) in 2 days, the surprise is gone.

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