Jungle base location

So I am trying to remember a base location in the jungle and all I can really remember about it is that it feels pretty secluded like “out of the way” and there is a path going down to it and the path or base is like on a cliff I don’t really know exactly but just from memory that’s what it feels like also I think it’s also like a cave where there is only one entrance maybe idk. Thanks for telling if you do know the location.

Descent of Dagon, maybe?

kind of tough to make a call which camp you mean without more to go on.

No it wasn’t like a dungeon but just a good base location and it was pretty small maybe the entrance was around 3-7 foundations wide I think

I remember it from like one year ago from a video I watched but I don’t know what video I watched XD

If this “cave” at the end has water, swim under it, it will lead you to the other side of the jungle mountain :wink:.

Sounds like you know what you’re talking about? because I don’t

It’s under the obelisk! You don’t need to go around a lot from paths, unless you have a thrall on rope, you can jump down the cliff of the southern obelisk, it’s faster this way. Plus you have an underwater entrance from the guiding light side. This however, no matter if it looks like a cave, it’s a passage too! If your reference is for smaller jungle caves, there are a couple if I remember correctly. Later on I will send a photo of this “cave passage” location if you wish!

yes do it

This is the cave passage

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Oh Southern Jungle…yeah nevermind I only know the Ghetto jungle up north.




Jungle north is beautiful mate, beautiful, you just need to build a bit high, the swamp environment is a bit moody! But in any case all the jungle is full of hideouts, full! In a couple of hours we have the update I guess, new map is on the way :smile:

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The forum logo updated I almost thought they deleted the forum entirely because I couldn’t find it.

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