Just good old panic spreading topic

Hurr durr I can’t connect on my server while there are bunch of people connected for almost 16 hours (idle kicking thingy doesn’t seem to be a thing here - cos who would need that on 40 ppl caped servers, right?). As I am waiting for hours my mood is going low, cos I can just imagine what is happening to my badass cool awesome base. Those connected all day know so well dady is not home and probably making wild barbarian parties there. I am freaking out. What if they steal all of my stuff? I left two human legs in chest. MY LEGS. NO ONE IS TOUCHING MY LEGS.

Hurr durr. I am just bored of waiting. :smile: Sorry. :rofl: Now I am calm again and my chakras are in balanece. For a while.


Ok, giving up - didn’t manage to get on server today. My base is now probably destroyed, my legs stolen and not becouse I didn’t want to defend it, but becouse I couldn’t. I guess ppl willing to be connected 24/7 (connected, not playing) will be new rulers now. Shame and big dissapointment as I was looking forward to launch for very long time. :sob:


Pretty much right in line with how I feel. Tried to get on all day with no success. All the other servers full as well. Feels like a wasted year of learning how to get a good start when pvp went live at launch.

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Well, day 3 today. Again few hours of connecting with no luck. I hope you have better results. :smile:

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