Just got Banned!

Me and my clan just got Banned in a Official Server #2575 after being Raided by the two members of the top two clans (The Guardians) (AngelOfDeath) clans :frowning: we were broadcasting things as well and everything was ok. We were okay with being raided but then after about 5 minutes of us gathering our stuff we were logged out and then could not return! Who do we report them to? a player named Creativecreature and some guy from Angel Of Death

For starters were they doing anything that warranted reporting?

like what? we were building for days and then a guy named Gengar took us on a raid yesterday but he didnt raid those guys

You may of been reported on what you had broadcast. Quite possible it may not of been the people you assume reported you. It is after all an official server, literally anyone could have issued the report.

I want to fill a complaint how do i do that. I want to defend my self in that server.

You submit a ticket to ZenDesk under the request type of “Why I was banned”:



Have no idea why you got banned. Unlikely Funcom did it for anything you could have done that day they don’t act that fast


Has any of your clan members been playing on another server. And have you tried to see if you can get on any other official server’s.

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Hi @fameplanb

Like @Narelle mentioned, please make sure you send a ticket over on Zendesk https://funcom.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
The team will get back to you as soon as possible.