Just some feedback for the Devs

Hey there,
I picked up the game a couple days ago and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Reminds me of an old game I used to love called Commandos. Here’s some feedback from my experiences thus far.

-I didn’t understand at first that I could go back to the Ark at any time. I thought I had to rescue Hammond as the first mission before I could go home and resupply. Just a bit confusing.

-I find myself wishing their were tranquilizer shots or a tranquilizer pistol of some sort

-I feel like there should be a sniper specialization skill called Headshot

-Is there no melee attack? The enemy can melee attack, why can’t I?

-It seems unrealistic that the enemy doesn’t react to dead bodies. Like a mob paths over a guard you just quietly killed and doesnt react. “Oh Joe’s dead, but maybe it was just something he ate”. Seems like you should have the ability to pick up bodies and move them.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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There is the Skull Splitter skill.

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Agree with this, its sitghly the same issue with many games that have a pressing/time sensitive(or at least give that impresion) main quest, yet allow you to do free travel/exploration and side activities for like forever. it should be better worded in my opinion, explaining that returning to the base and restocking for the long and hard travel ahead is a must and advised.

Agree, there should be some basic melle atack.

Agree too, but it needs to be carefully balanced if said thing is introduced.