Suggestion: make ambushing require more finesse

(This is probably more of a MYZ 2 suggestion at this point.)

I’m on my second playthrough, and I’m becoming less satisfied with how much ambushing enemies is kind of lacking in finesse. You can have an enemy walking straight at you, at which point you press the Ambush button, walk right up to them and shoot them in the face at 100%. It just seems unsatisfying once you know how it works. They’re helpless to do anything about it.

What I’m wishing is that there was more emphasis on not getting spotted before you make that kill shot. This would prioritize sneaking up behind them, or waiting until they pass a tree you are hiding behind.

I’m not sure what they should do if they spot you, though. Perhaps get a free move of a few paces backwards, making it harder to approach them head-on? Then you’d need to station people at various points to hit them in the new point they’d wind up. It might also make you want to set the other stalkers to Overwatch so they shoot when he bolts.

I also thought of maybe giving them a 25% reaction shot, but maybe that’d be too unpleasant given the amount of people you ambush in the game. Maybe reaction on first shot is flee, then second shot is 25% reaction fire?

I’m just throwing out ideas but I feel like something should be done to make the stealth a little more “stealthy”. It’s already bad enough that enemies can’t see nearly as far as you can. :sunglasses: