Just some random ideas

Pretending performance gets fixed, u know, thrawls, building pieces snapping, dashboarding, purge improvements, excetera excetera… Just a few ideas… 1. How bout a Compass._ i realize a minimap might be too much but a direction compass would be cool. 2. Dual swords. I always want to be a ninja and dual swords would be my ideal weapon. Weapon system imo when itt comes to dual wielding could be improved so axes aswell. So many possibilities like 1 sword 1 axe type of deal. 3. Custom console controller configuration. The bow and arrow especially on mount but also on foot is ‘‘wonky’’ meaning theres no way to charge shot with y and still use right analog. Impossible on mount to hit anything unless lucky. I would rather be able to customize my buttons then be stuck into pc presets.
im sure everyones got ideas and we all know funcom is already so busy. Im not demanding or even expecting just thought it be something we could all just list random ideas. So i inv anyone who reads this just throw out a couple ideas…

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I play xbox and have been trying the throwing axe w/ my other axe and liking it so far. I don’t thow it i use heavy swings and you end up spin attacking.

Thought of another 1. Let us scroll our camera view out like on pc. The camera is all up on our back its too close. Should at least be able to see whole body head to toe if not a littler further back.

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