Just Started on the Saga of blood

Just started today [Nov. 1].
This triple xp is insane! should I even bother doing quests [besides the character quests in Tortage] or just run around killing mobs on White Sands or Picts in the ruins?

Suggestions for pvp’ing? I’ve done plenty of aoc pve, but no pvp.

Thanks for any advice!

Don’t bother doing any quests the fastest way to level is PVP join a good raid or group or Guild you’ll be on your way.

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Welcome Miles!

Join a guild (like Empire, Khopshef etc), and then you can join a raid group for some Open World PVP, that’s the quickest way to level if that’s what you’re after.

With a helpful guild you can also do some dungeons together with friends for gear and some teamwork :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy it here Miles!

I am more than happy to help you in-game if needed to introduce you to all the game modes.

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I agree with Chanya and Spread, the only reason to do some of the quests is for the destiny chain and the achievement points. If you join a good guild, EoS, Khoshepf, BLR, come to mind and get into PVP and don’t let getting killed fairly regularly ruin your oatmeal, then you will level very quickly.

But the point is, PARTICIPATE. Don’t get distracted by running Valoz’s run-around-all-over-Conall’s-Valley quests. Participate in open world PVP with your guild.

Now, have fun!


Do you RP?