Just tell us what is going on, It can't be that hard

Hello FunCom!

The last weeks were exciting with the announcement of the update patch , and then the stated delay on the 18th, indicating that in just a few more days, we would see it… and here we are over a week later and not other updates on the situation… You heightened expectations , then let us down and now, have clammed up and are not saying anything…

I think most of us understand the complexities of a large patch and that as you find issues you must address them prior to release, it is just how things like this progress…

…and here is the point… most of us DO understand, yet you could help the situation by having updates to tell us where you are in the process, warts and all, because as I say, we all know about warts… you don’t have to give juicy details, just communicate with us regularly about updates and the progress or hurdles you are experiencing… you ask us to wrap ourselves in your project and immerse ourselves in the game, so we end up in “a relationship” with you and the software, and then you shut us off, and we are left hanging…

So… communicate… take 2 min and fire off a short note about progress.

Hey there! :slight_smile:

We 100% understand that it’s frustrating to wait. Right now we’re still working on finalizing the patch, but unfortunately we don’t have specific ETA at this time.

Once we know more, and when we have a time and date nailed down, we’ll post it to News and Announcements.

Yes, an update on what’s going on would be appreciated. Are the devs running into more problems and it will be delayed longer? Is it halfway done? Is it done and no one can find the finished copy? Did some intergalactic aliens steal it and you’re starting over?

Some news would be appreciated so we can play our gameplay accordingly.

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Sounds like neither today nor tomorrow to me though I don’t know the time steam takes to distribute the update.

They still work on the building issues that they discovered (like disappearing stuff etc.).

They’re putting the finishings touches on my very own personal in-game Lahti L-39 Anti-Tank Rifle :relaxed:

It’ll be bound to my account, unusable by anyone else, and always be on me with it’s own hotbar slot and infinite ammo :flushed:


Whaaaat :exploding_head:, they promised me exactly the same: an Lahti L-39 Anti Tank Rifle :open_mouth:!!! For my own use only


It was only to appease everyone before the bait’n’switch plan of action I worked out with @Tascha to give everyone besides me a Nerf Longshot.

See, as the lead development consultant, I convinced them it’s Nerf or Nothing and that only I could be trusted with an actual deadly firearm.

In all seriousness it would be hilarious if there was some sort of sorcery/dark magic ritual that unlocks hidden rifles and other modern weapons in the game. Would def be one way of countering the pike meta.

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Honestly, with it’s safe reach, linear attacks, stagger and bleed. If they wanted to fix it they’d do the current upcoming change and make it stagger on H3/bleed on H4.

This would mean in PvP it’d only be good for poking and to be in anyway effective you’d have to leverage numbers from teamwork.

On the other hand it’d still be just as effective of a PvE weapon as it current is.

With this you’d definitely start seeing more weapon diversity but we’d also have to take a look at the spammable nature of the javelins’ L1.

NGL, after the polearm meta of Darkfall, Mortal Online and just about every other game I’ve played over the years where the long pokey boi thrives. I’m kind of tired of it.

Darkfall was in particular notorious for naked polearm users.

I think weapon diversity would be a thing if real life ancient fighting tactics could also be coded into the game, like shield walls, calvary/mounts etc. Pikes would be fine if once you got into striking distance of someone carrying one any other weapon could basically 2 hit kill them. Only heavy armor should be able to take the kind of hits from axes and swords that we see casually tanked in this game. Nakeds should basically bleed out and die from any heavy strike. Mobility and stamina needs to be nerfed if people want to tank what should be otherwise lethal blows. Also this healing/potion sh 1t in the middle of a fight is pretty unrealistic. In fight or flight nobody is chugging potions or eating, especially while trying to fight holding a pike. Finally, jumping in deep water with armor on to escape a fight should be an automatic drowning.

Good thing then, that we are playing a history fantasy setting illustrated in Marvel Comic books then, because what you described sounds like completely different game.

The game’s balance is broken b/c everything favors a very unrealistic meta, not even counting the current stam/glitch exploits. Fights should go much quicker, not 10 to 20 minutes of people pacing around with hockey sticks poking each other until someone runs out of heals. I don’t remember that in the comic books either.

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Can’t forget reduced friendly fire damage and losing additional stamina for each user a single attack hits. These all benefit solo spear and gang tactics.

The current system really sh**ts on the solo-combatant if they even so much as tickle a second target.

I use waraxes, 1v2+ is no bueno.

See this is another part of the problem outside of the actual Pike. The system itself also plays a part in making it so preferential.

To be fair, they actually had been updating us even up to the 22nd, not just to the 18th. And on the 22nd they said they hoped to have it out next (this) week. But, rather than keep putting out a specific deadline for this patch that’s been proving stubborn, they’ve taken a slightly more conservative figure of just saying hopefully this week… and honestly I feel that’s a good thing. They kept getting loads of flak for missing the deadline.

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I agree. the quick loot is another issue for me. I don;t mind scooping one s defeated opponent. but they should tweak to you can only quick loot the inventory stuff. Armor should have to be taken off one piece at a time. This would make it hard to scoop in a group fight. Beat me in 1v1 out in the open, then you have time to “undress me”.

I also tire of the NHL style face off fights. Would love to use the hammer, but it is pretty much a death stick for the welder in PVP.

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