Killed then teleported on an Official Server? What is going on?

So I was riding along by Godsclaw on an Official PVC Server, riding toward another players base (outside of PVP time)

I received a fatal error message, send the crash request back to Funcom.

Re logged in and woke up naked - in the silvermine, no gear with the following message on the event log:

I tried to recover my body using sorcery, and no luck. It let me go through the animation, but no corpse recovered.

I would chalk it up to just a bug, but this is a second time it happened, the last time I was riding by the Bridge of the Betrayer on the obelisk side and I woke up at the noob spawn point.

Is this a thing? Should I report this to Zendesk?

Really would appreciate your advice here.


You definitely need to report this to Zendesk. It’s not right at all. @MostlyCharmless if you have screen shots send that also


Thank you will do.

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This is possibly two bugs in one. Were you dragging a thrall at full gallop? Sometimes there is a fatal error that ovcurs when doing that in certain areas depending on what appears to be how much is loading (cant confirm this but it also happens on full modded maps). When you fataled, you were probably in a “logged in” state, were ejected by your horse when it happened and killed by rocknoses (I’ve had this happen in the savannah killed by tigers). The second bug which is usually associated with warmakers ( that one I believe has been fixed) retains the last dungeon you entered in your play session and it will show as the first respawn location. It’d be interesting if this reasoning applies to your situation on both counts.

This happens typically if you disconnect. Next time do your best to make it to your corpse and check. I had this happen recently and assumed my stuff was gone. My friend said my corpse was still there and to just check anyway. It still held all my stuff, despite the summoning circle saying I had no corpse to summon. Pretty annoying, but I got my stuff back, so I’ll call it a win.

Edit: it didn’t even give me an option to summon now that I think about it. Perhaps it might be a different issue with yours. For me it just said no corpse to summon when I tried to select it.


There is a spot on Siptah that reliably hard disconnects this one. Near Sweet Water falls. Crouch, run, climb, no matter, get to close and disconnect.

With a similar body retrieval issue. Can’t be summoned, but can be found and looted.

Good luck.

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Annoying but if your corps doesn’t come back and another player can not see it also … try picking up the circle, iv had a couple of bodies get stuck in the foundations underneath


It’s not the first time i read or listen this oddness here. @Kazalakis in the past logged in the warmakers naked while he logged out in his base dressed full gear.
These rare bugs are here to establish the unwritten rule “s…t happens”. The most difficult is that they happen very rare and it’s difficult for detection from devs, but they happen :confused:, sorry m8.

Brilliant idea, thank you Master Tink for the hint :+1:t6:.


Great news we just built a base above there. Ok though its on our server. @LostBrythunian

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Players I know also encountered bug of spawning inside a dungeon instead of where their bed is located - but this was age of sorcery chapter 1. A while ago. Perhaps this bug has not been fully fixed or has resurfaced.

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The disconnect is at the base of the falls, this one has never had issues at the top, which is an extremely scenic build location.

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Good to hear.

No thrall being dragged, not galloping, riding at regular speed. The total timeframe was less than a minute and I had a Dali thrall following on guard.

I had not entered Warmaker, I had just left the obby and was riding along the volcano side shore.

It’s just so weird.

That is interesting. My circle is on the third story of a base, but I will look on the ceiling from the floor below. Worth a shot thanks!

I’ll try this - sounds like a workaround. Maybe the circle does not work after a disconnect?

That was my experience during a purge. Can’t say it’s a definitive answer though as it was only one time I had to do it. Also, what @TINK mentioned is another possibility if you can’t spawn your corpse. This is pretty likely since you went through the animation and nothing happened. I’ve also experienced this, but it’s been some time. It was during chapter 1.

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If you were near a lava spot that is slightly in the mesh that will kill you and for some reason loot bags in lava despawn really quick…

That is something I have observed too, but in these cases I was not by the lava.

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