Killing Boss on top of a structure is a Glitch?

I’m playing on an RP server, and they claim that killing bosses and npc’s with arrows on top of a structure, to avoid being hit is glitch abuse! Doing this is considered a glitch or bug in the game or just a normal game mechanic ??

I understand creating a rule to kill bosses in group to generate more RP, but claiming that this is a glitch is a bit too much?

You are breaking their “immersion” :smiley:

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Technically, it’s an exploit :^)
Leash mechanics were meant to reduce this kind of abuses, but nothing stops the player from building nearby a boss spawn and kite it to a trap.

In my opinion, it isn’t wrong at all to use this kind of practices but i like the idea of them leaving the area back to the spawn point if they can’t reach a single hostile target.

Also, if you are playing in a RP private server, that means they have their rules and if they find this as an abuse and a reason to ban you, that’s their server and they can and will ban you, find another one.

This is a survival game. Using the top of a rock or a trap to get an animal is being part of real life for thousands of years. Why make a game that you can’t do that because its cheesy. Well our ancestors must have been cheesy then. No to me it’s using what is in front of you to gain an advantage. See no problem with it.


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