Knockdown Impact removed and Stagger effect nerfed on bows

Could we get the Bow Knock down and Stagger perk effect brought back?

This was a good way to help control fights, maintain distance and with practice even minor crowd control.

You could choose who to knockdown and stun/stagger to separate npcs/mobs, it also helped with kiting.

Just about all other weapons have a big stun or knock down combo or move. Now Bows no longer have this same ability and it’s users tool box of abilities and options has been unfairly nerfed.


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My suggestion would be to replace Stout (Grit) with Second Skin (Strength) and put the old Archery Knockdown in Second Skins location (second strength perk).

This would eliminate Stout since it’s a useless perk but it would make sense that a knockdown effect from a bow would be in Strength and encourage putting points in both strength and agility for bow users.


Yeah, I miss the knockdown perk too. It was occasionally effective, but it was always so fun to use. It may be a bit wrong, but I love watching pirates do ragdoll somersaults when I shoot them in the head.

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All the bow mains from PvP were sad about this in 3.0.

I don’t think this is a good idea to give this amount of CC back to bow users especially when the damage also increased.

The two handed hammers have massive damage and stun/knock back knock down.

If it needs some balance then put it on the perk choices opposite one of the bow damage increase perks.


i am not sad
it is better to remove it completely than to leave it with the bugs that it had


That’s lazy if they do that, either reimplement it in some form or give a equivalent option.

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