Koffer building bug ps5

Hi there,
I placed a Koffer in an exsisting build. I then removed some building pieces within the footprint radius of the koffer.
I can no longer replace the build pieces ive removed and i have a giant whole on the floor now :roll_eyes:
I removed the koffer and logged out and back in only to find i still cant replace the missing build pieces. This occurred yesterday and has not been fixed by a server reset. Very frustrating ive spent years on this build and would like to finish it please :pray:.

Do you have a pile of coins or some other placeable next to the wall (or building piece) that you’re trying to put back in? It might be blocking you from replacing your building piece.

No not at all the rooms empty

Is the missing floor foundation by the wall? If yes, you might need to demolish the wall before you can replace missing foundation. If its is in the middle of the room you might try removing some other foundations around and try to rebuild again, but there is a chance you end up with more holes. Normally, you can sort these building issues by deleting structures around it, but it might take some rebuilding.

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