Krampusnacht 2018 Champion List and "Fog and Mirrors" Guide (SPOILERS)

Champion Locations

  1. Kingsmouth: Tragedy (927, 576) shoot 4 rats running around nearby, place dead rats on pentagram
  2. Savage Coast: Groundskeeper Hammond (524, 442) touch discarded gift
  3. Blue Mountain: Max (697, 671) touch NE NW S SW N SE
  4. Scorched Desert: Cursed Soul of Greed (518, 1053) knock on sarcophagus, kill assistants then boss
  5. CotSG: Warsmith (979, 972) touch brazier, then draw pentagram with fire
  6. Beseiged Farmlands: Window-Peeper (1041, 1088) interact with suspicious character
  7. Shadowy Forest: The Grunch (1078, 1120) collect crates from Dimir Farm, then interact with overlook
  8. Carpathian Fangs: Permafrost, touch snowpile (randomly found across the map)
  9. Kaidan: The Forgotten, collect 4 pictures: (780, 14), (842, 218), (699, 525), (624, 710) (on roof)

Fog and Mirrors Quest Guide

  1. Kill champions until you get a “Slighly Damaged Mobile Phone” red quest item.
  2. Use the phone and select options 2-1 to advance the quest.
  3. Go to New York (293,417) and enter code “4512” into the keypad.
  4. Zone into the instance and enter code “8452” on keypad to the left.
  5. Fight the dudes then enter code “112770” on the keypad in the next room.
  6. Fight more dudes then enter 4-122792-1 into computer to deactivate the lazer grid.
  7. Fight the final dude then enter 1-1-1 into laptop to complete the quest.

And for those folks who struggle like I did with deactivating the lazer grid, the middle number between the dashes is the actual password. Thanks, Shalrys again!


I think overall I’m giving the Grunch “most sympathetic character” award for this holiday.

Yes, omg, I feel bad for what I’ve done to them. Not like, really bad, not bad enough not to keep doing it, but a little bad.

This isn’t correct; that’s only one of multiple possible locations. Drat, I should’ve taken notes.

I’m going to quote the “champion locations” section and then make comments below it…

Stable locations: 1.Kingsmouth (rat pentagram), 3.Blue Mountain (inside force field), 4.Scorched Desert (the sarcophagus is on the roof), 5.CotSG (fire pentagram), and 7.Shadowy Forest (5 crates of sausage placed on the Overlook as bait).

Moves around: 2.Savage Coast (discarded gift near the front of Innsmouth Academy… not necessarily very close), 6.Besieged Farmlands (the suspicious character is looking in a random window), and 8.Carpathian Fangs (snowpiles are very hard to find)…

And I assume that you could spawn 9.Kaidan (are the pictures beams of light that you approach?) at any of the four locations if it’s the last picture you go to? … I’m not exactly sure how the Kaidan champion works…

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I can confirm the Kaiden champion spawns at whichever is the last picture you interact with. I had a character doing it and something bugged out with my map causing multiple crashes in a row. By the time I got that sorted the previous pictures reset. By the time I got the one on the roof nothing happened. Retraced my steps and it spawned at the one near the maiden shrine.

I believe you need to click all 4 without logging out. Mine spawned in the plaza which I think is the 699,525 one. (I did roof, plaza, kindergarten, island, roof, plaza cause I logged out after finding 2)

Some locations I know of for the snow piles in CF:

  • (560, 1200)
  • (580, 810)
  • (620, 540)
  • (825, 1260)
  • (965, 915)
  • (1040, 400)
  • (1035, 785)

Savage Coast locations I know of:

  • (530,445)
  • (370,465)

More locations would be nice if anyone finds them.

If you die after touching some of the pictures, but not all of them then you lose progress and have to touch all four of them again. Found that out the hard way on an alt that’s barely Kaidan ready.

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SC Discarded gift at 370,460

CF champion another spot: 1035, 785. You can see it from Chasm entrance well.

Yep, just found it myself. Also found another at (580, 810).

There has to be more in CF. I ran to all the listed points for 15 minutes and couldn’t find one. When I finally did find one, I killed the golem and the snowpile respawned immediately under my feet. It seems like there should always be a snowpile spawned somewhere at all times. Just have to find the others.

(825, 1260)

Are you sure about this one? It’s in middle of mountain, I tried to get there but couldn’t find a route, it seems not reachable neither from baths nor from bridge.
Also that golem is so annoying to find. :X I wouldn’t ever try without free teleports.

It should be (560, 1200)

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Just wanted to say that the champion at (1035, 785) does not always appear from the well. Sometimes you have to run towards the direction before it pops up on the map. I don’t know why sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. So in case you’ve looked around all the other spots and didn’t see it, this is probably why.