Krampusnacht Krampus spawn maps


This is way out of season, but this is where it should have been to begin with, and it shall be here if/when Krampusnacht comes back.

T’is an imgur album!


I put together some fairly decent maps during the event if you want them to add to the master maps. Can upload after work.


When i was Krampus hunting, i would usually run in the direction krampus was running off to once attacked.
I would then, almost always, run into another Krampus - like he had been running off to tell his mates he was gettin beat up.

I do hope Krampus comes back, along with instanced golems and TBH - i do miss the instanced Mega boss fights in their original locations. They added an element to the fight that Agartha instance does not.


Sure, if they look like they’d add more spots.