Kaidan - Abandoned Photograph

So, went to Kaidan for the first time in a while… What’s with the Abandoned Photograph skull that pops up near the “return key to love hotel” mission? I thought it was a new “elite” enemy that got added but it’s just a photo you can interact with. The skull vanishes but nothing happens afterwards. Anyone know what it does or if there is any more?

There are four. Part of the Winter event. Gotta catch them all to… you’ll see.

Ended up finding them all… Nothing happened

Hmm, perhaps you do need to pick up the winter side mission from the board in Agartha for the summon to actually occur. I haven’t actually tried summoning a winter champion while not having the mission tbh.

You don’t need mission to summon but with Kaidan as far as I noticed you need to pick photos in one go, no relogging or rezoning in between.

The 90’s: Collect all photos, and your parents spawn, making you sit through a slideshow of old vacation photos until you defeat your parents.

Today: Collect all photos, and your best friend spawns, making you watch their phone as they try to show you a meme. The conversation stops as they scroll endlessly through FB because they can’t find the right pic until you defeat your best friend.


Well that escalated quickly

Here’s the likely explanation for that:

If death rests progress, @Jess is almost certainly right about zoning/reloging doing so, too.

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