Winter Champion Speculation

Winter event specific boss-monsters to hunt and eliminate, with summoning rituals and puzzles to solve.

Time to dust off your Monster Hunter Jackets, dig out your winter costumes, and start preparing a hit list.
Who will feature as these Winter Champions?

Obviously both hel and Krampus will make an appearance in some form or other, but how about that illusive Phoenician agent Lidya? Perhaps a dead mayan named Bolon Yokte’ K’uh?
Why not a squid-faced, or zombie Santa?

Thread for speculations / findings.
… and a Happy Yuletide all. :gift::christmas_tree::snowman::squid:



The Yule Cat; the Icelandic mythical beast that eats people who don’t get clothes for Christmas.

Yeah, that’s a thing.

NIce. Another Icelandic one, the jólasveinarnir or jólasveinar, are thirteen troll offspring that harass and eat people during the last 13 nights before Christmas, beginning 12 December.


Permafrost: CF 549,1198

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Didn’t find him here.

Is there a full list of ‘piles of snow’ somewhere? Little Orphan Annie Secret Snow Decoder Ring? “Be…sure…to…drink…your…Ovaltine. Ovaltine? SoaB!”

Update: More Snow! 1028, 402

I found a pile of snow around 500,600 and put a snowmobile mine in it.

826, 1259 and 959, 924 are potential spawn points for the CF snowpile

Found Permafrost at 1034 782. Worn plain socks, black

Found another Permafrost snow pile at 552, 1202.

Permafrost, 580, 808, in the wooded area halfway between Pricolesti and Ravens Field (Campul Corbului). May be the one with Onevia’s mine in it.

Update for links for info underway on the Event Champions:
Forums: Krampusnacht 2018 Champion List and “Fog and Mirrors” Guide (SPOILERS)
reddit: Krampusnacht 2018 Champion List and “Fog and Mirrors” Guide (SPOILERS) -
TSWDB Events Winter-Holidays

It appears that the jólasveinarnir / jólasveinar did make it in, as a Winter Champion, in the form of the ‘Window-Peeper’.
However, although their mother ‘Gryla’ is a mountain troll, they themselves may not necessarily be as well. The text from the Phoenician ‘Operation Seafoam’ Leader’s laptop files are as follows:

Backup is needed on the ground near Harbaburesti, Wallachia ASAP. Mountain troll Gryla has killed and eaten 3 agents already. Capture attempts are on-going per contract #F8-222-C-5571.
Advise all reinforcements remain vigilant for the troll’s children - they are known to be highly slippery and may pose an unpredictable threat.

Perhaps the data for the other champions can provide further insight into their backgrounds; for example, that perhaps Max is a Wabanaki shapeshifter, that Permafrost is a werewolf golem, and that the Cursed Soul of Greed and the Abandoned Photographs are Phoenician occult artefacts. And incidentally the ‘Rogue Groundskeeper’ finally has a name: ‘Hammond’.

Operative codename Elias has located a potential site for us. The 6th fleet has significant interest in this site. Dispatch a disposable operative to meet up with Elias and a 6th fleet representative to investigate a possible summoning ritual.

The 6nd fleet forwarded this information:
Stay away from Atlantic Island Park. We lost an entire strike team there. They reported oddities in the vicinity of Innsmouth Academy, including some “zombified” creatures acting unusually aggressively. Field experimentation has shown it may be possible to use lures on either these zombified creatures, or on wild bees.

Satellite imagery and intercepted Dragon agent reports indicate there are still living natives in Blue Mountain. Several reports make mention of warding circles that utilize magic to trap their victims indefinitely.
How to exploit their magic is up to you, but do consider just how alluring a cry for help is when one of their own is trapped.

One of the packages stored in site alpha is a purportedly cursed sarcophagus. Worker’s complaints of headaches when working near the package solidify the credibility of the claim.
This package must be removed from site alpha.
Final Destination is unimportant, and field usage is authorized provided surveillance is maintained after deployment.

Contract: #F5-774-D-2827
Poster: Arthur Quinn
Summary: Hello gents, I am looking to purchase a tome by the name of “The Black Pullet”. Not the fake circulating markets these days, with half the rituals removed. I will only pay for the original manuscript.
Notes: Arthur came by site alpha and I gave him the book after he authorized the payment. Quinn said he was going to travel to egypt, where the summoning magic would be strongest.

Contract: #F8-281-G-2241
Poster: grunch
Summary: kill dimir no sausage
Notes: We were unable to make contact with the poster of the contract. The agent believes the poster to have been a ghoul, due to the large quantity of them seen near the geolocation of the posting.

Contract: #F6-421-G-9126
Poster: Nadiya Volkov
Summary: I desire power over ice and snow. To protect my pack. Teach me to create constructs of ice and snow and I will serve.
Notes: Contract fulfilled by Fleet 6.
Notes, cont: Nadiya deployed to extract data from former Soviet installation in Carpathian Fangs. Contact has not reported back in 3 weeks. Authorizing kill on sight. Warning: Nadiya may possess supernatural powers beyond golemancy.

Operative in Kaidan reports situation worsening. Ground action is required to secure on-site assests and deflect investigation by RGB factions.
Authorized to deploy occult deflection codename “Forgotten”.