Kushite DLC Hunga Munga!

I’m really hoping for a Kushite dlc or something to do with the Black Kingdoms. But the Kushites would be the best choice in my opinion because there are a lot of crazy awesome looking iron weapons African tribes used including the irl Kushites had and they missed that opportunity with the Darfari by giving them stone crap. There are a small handful of weapons that have that style, like El’s Drinker. But they could include weapons like the Hunga Munga, the Ikwa, and their are just tons of other unique weapons to choose from. Also there could armor sets that use some metal but mostly animal pelts and bones, leopard pelt. Also cool building pieces something that looks rough and primitive but is tier 3 would be nice. I feel most of the other dlcs are of the more civilized and refined races except for the Pictish frontier one so more variety. Also new pet skins could be pretty cool.

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I think vendhayan dlc would be better.

More cultural dlc’s would be nice. I’m hoping for Nordheimer.:grin:

With more bug and human flesh cooking recipes, as well as cool armor made from Jaguar skins and stuff like that. I would definitely buy a Darfuri or cannibal DLC.

I want all of these DLC’s.

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