Kuthchemes gem are a joke and needs to be revamped!

As a returning player i just did my first Kuth and picked up a kuthchemes gem of constitution,
and after asking, i rolled need and it wasn’t until i really looked, that i was sorely disappointed
and aggravated that an EPIC ´L80 Gem would SUCK SO BAD.

L80 required - Epic gem…
+10 Con.
+40 hit rating.

I then took a look at the red gem i had slotted in my chestpiece for L78 rare item,
and it gave me +15 CON.

I’m gonna call it right here. You sir or mrs that decided these stats on an endgame Epic L80 gem,
you should not be allowed to decide or program ANYTHING for any game ever again…
because this is idiocy.

Please change the stats of the kuthchemes gem’s to match their appropriate L80 Epic status.

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I partly agree with you, all but the protection gems in kuth are totally crap. Problem is in most cases the weapons alone are almost as good as T6, so buffing the gems to something you describe as “appropriate” would make the weapons with all the gems better than T6 - which i think is stupid, best weapons should be from the last tier of raiding.

imo the weapons (bar a few) should have had lower stats and the gems (except the prot gem) should have had higher stats.


Another method is to actually have Onslaught Items that are better than anything and droppable as rewards after OS Waves 20-30-40. Even add more OS content.
The reasoning behind it is that PvE Raiding aside from T3 and T5 is braindead. It can be done very easy by just having AAs and knowing your class plus raid tactics without even Keybinding stuff and just relying on clicking and staying in one position. Leveling in Atzel’s and pulling dozens of mobs at you and overcoming them is more challenging actually because it involves Dynamic reaction/ movement/ positioning and timing.

Unless difficulty means just ‘‘More enemy HP and DMG output’’

Even K6 & UC is better whilst OS provides a ‘‘Dynamic’’ challenge.
If it was even better with variety of group objectives than just making fatalities and just run to camps all the better.
Under these conditions OS should provide the best equipment. But needs to be upgraded. Otherwise no.

In short raiding aside from T3-T5 does offer good rewards but isn’t as challenging like some K6 & UC or Chaos while OS doesn’t offer good rewards is challenging and Dynamic but is just mindless DPS and lacks ‘‘Objective based group tactics and variety’’
So it looks like everything has been done wrong.

Looking away from the fact that you asked for the gem and needed before you knew what is was, just be happy that you get the best weapons ingame, the gems are supposed to be weak. Agree with the one saying weapons should be weaker and gems stronger, but all in all, its laughable that u get such a strong weapon for free


Exactly. Those weapons should be at T2 level. :roll_eyes:


Easy fix :Change all gem text colors to blue except the protection epic and legendary one ,then people won’t be aggrevated for getting a bad stats gem with nothing in the game to use that immense power it gives on ! :smiley:

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They simply made the weapons too strong, and left no room for gem stats.

It aint rocket science :stuck_out_tongue:

60% snare with no immunity timer intensifies

Its only OP saying that while every response say the opposite hehe :lying_face:

Your putrid hate towards pve must be grounded in something. Is it that a team of pve players won both your tournaments? :dancing_men: people prefer to pvp in games with actual competition. You wouldnt see the best fulltime pvpers get stomped by pve players in wow for example. Imagine being a devoted pvper in aoc 2021 and acting high horse about it. :yawning_face:


I think the problem comes from PvE stats being viable in PvP. They shouldn’t.
If OS is designed to be an End-Game high wave challenge it doesn’t live up to that because it has been made too simplistic.
Most of the content after Godslayer expansion has been a ‘‘Stat requirement increase’’ rather than a ‘‘More dynamic & complicated challenge’’ (T5 is an exception) that’s based on skill level - perception - experience from a tactical perspective.

So if OS was like that then depending on Wave level it should give something more than Raids but if it ‘‘Was’’ like that it would require more skilled players who already passed the ‘‘Raiding’’ part anyway.
Thus those who cleared T6 wouldn’t have a problem since those who just cleared OS wave 15 wouldn’t have better Equipment than they have. :wink:

And if the stats gave a PvP negative stat there would be more balancing thus a PvEr who cleared End-Game wouldn’t have game breaking stat advantages over players who invested 2 years in PvP.

That way what the OP asks wouldn’t be a problem for a gem acquirable in more difficult content than anything ‘‘If’’ it was the most difficult and challenging content and also had negative PvP stats. But long story short ‘‘It isn’t’’

Simple really.

I believe our conclusion is: Hey funcom. Fix this, fix that, fix everything!

I know most don’t give any weight to it anymore but the PvE-PvP stat balancing is very important.
Ever tried killing a PoM with Kutcheman Shield & Blunt + Legendary gems?

The - Hit Rating doesn’t affect him. The - Magic Dmg is a gap he can fill from RF rings and other accesories plus Potions.
His Heal rating becomes massively increased his Wisdom does give him extra magic dmg his Ferocity rating makes every AoE more powerfull and his Armor rating is increased at the maximum possible.
It does become a game breaker in a group and will cause even a Sin or Barb to curse as he tries to take him down. If it’s in a minigame all the more difficult because he is supported and as long as he is alive AoE KB is up and enemy team healing as well (And highly increased) breaking even group objectives requiring the whole group to focus their firepower on the PoM for a bit (If the PoM & his group are quite good it will be problematic and if your group is not the best all the worst).

So does funcom not increase gem stats because of it? Maybe.
Does funcom not increase gem stats so they aren’t better than T6 stuff? I believe so.
Does funcom not increase Negative PvP stats because they just don’t give a damn? There is no doubt about it.

  1. Increasing Negative PvP stats fixes balancing issues.
  2. Making better gems available only in High Waves so only people who are capable of T6 can acquire them anyway fixes ‘‘Fairness issues’’
  3. Everyone is happy!

DTs can also have Game-Breaking items: Soul Barrier is an annoying trolling ability if you can keep it up with MBs.

Imagine using the ‘‘Silver Twilight Blessing’’ Magical Mana tap. It applies to your magic dmg.

Everything that’s called ‘‘Unholy’’ (Your magic dmg) gives you a nice percentage of mana back. It relies on your own efficiency of Unholy proc output and at the right hands with the proper build focused on that it does break balance because your opponent has to hit you faster than your rate of Mana replenishment combined with your rate of Life Leeching.

No, the conclusion is that it takes years and years for Funcom to address problems and when they do they tend to cause even worse problems that are left to fester for eternity.


I do believe that the trophy for whining will be awarded to the PvPers first. I agree that the stats on the gems are ludicrous. As to how easy it should be to attain these gems (and the weapons), that is another conversation for another thread.

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Keep talking about competition while still clicking after playing this game for 11 years.

To be fair the PvPers have way more to whine about so it’s not fair.

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Lies come when truth hit close to home :dancing_men:

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Sad fact is that the PvE weapons are not nearly OP enough, but they don’t even work.

I tested the kutchemes blunt on my bear just recently - I really can’t see that it actually works on any of my combos, despite showing an effect on the tooltips, the tooltips cannot be trusted at all.
(yes I know 1.5 meters isn’t all that long, but one should be able to tell the difference with extensive and careful testing on straw men)

Look at this example. It says it should give several meters extra range to the dmg to bigheal on bs, but despite the tooltip saying this, it does not give extra range in the slightest from my testing.

ferocity fail

So far I only found that ferocity works on the stun and the silence on bear shaman.

AoC players are like underpaid chefs who take abuse from their bosses. They have the passion for the craft, but they get near to nill in return, and some abuse along with.

Think I support OP here. I believe there should be 100 con, or 100 strength on a legendary gem. Has to be a slipup, or just like moriala has proposed before, a hint from the creators for us to leave the game - rofl.


  1. World Pinata (hm hm i mean World Boss)/ RF/ OS farmers request: Buff OS items!
  2. T6 Raider request: Nerf OS items!
  3. PvPer request: Increase negative PvP stats on PvE items because they are balance - breaking!
  4. Mz2020 request: Buff OS gems but make them harder obtainable so people actually bother with higher waves so OS isn’t obsolete anymore thus satisfying T6 Raiders fair request and increase negative PvP stats to fix balancing. (The best solutions are not easy and there are no short phrases to describe them)
  5. Just fix what i would like and i don’t care about others because i am selfish.

I vote number 4.

I, as a PvE player also thinks PvE items should not be usable in PvP. Or, at least that the best gear for PvP is not obtainable through PvE.

I personally don’t think this is a good solution since people are still just going to farm lower waves. The only thing that will change is that it will take a bit more time to get the reward(s). The better players will recieve it a bit earlier, yes, but again: this change wouldn’t do much unless you more or less give the higher rewards (weapons, gems) as guaranteed drops after like wave 30+.

Agreed. That Random drop chance would be bad there. Or alternatively ‘‘Unlockable’’ at these Waves and buyable with Relics. I believe it would encourage groups to go for the challenge.