Lack of Clarity on Structure Removal will Upset Many

Sure, they should just retcon and remove anything creative or beneficial in the game. Anything more than the bare necessities needed to survive in PvP should go on the chopping block. To hell with people that want to play cooperatively, to hell with PvE and their public works. :roll_eyes:

EDIT: Also, just because you visit stuff regularly is no guarantee that things won’t just poof for no reason, even on a PvE server. Part of the reason myself and other use this technique is because the decay system is so unreliable. I had a whole T3 base at Sepermeru poof after only 3 days a few months back FOR NO REASON:

Another of my friends had the same happen with one of theirs in a different area too.

And just today, the replacement maproom I built at Seper (which is linked to my other bases) just decided to decay in spite of the fact that my clanmate and I visited it just yesterday.

Gonna wait until tomorrow morning’s rule-changes are thru tearing up the server before I go making another maproom… assuming anything is left standing. And yes: for the record I’m incredibly upset right now.

Lathariel, I know it’s small consolation, but just for the record: every time I think I’ve made something really creative, you post an example of what you’ve built and I’m humbled.


Does anybody know what time the patch will drop?

Just want to know so I can log on to catch any falling lootbags.

Had to cool down in another game for a few hours, but it’s nice to know that work is appreciated. Thanks for the cheer-up. :slight_smile:

Really wish I had some in put for this topic. My game will not load and the devs are looking at my DB. It works fine in the live build.

Hey everybody,

We have updated the original announcement with some important information and clarification. Please give us a few moments of your time and read it fully here:

We have started a new thread to focus all feedback and questions here:

Please use it to discuss all things regarding this fix.
Proceeding to close this thread. Thanks for your patience and understanding :slight_smile:

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