Lack of sandstorms

Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be fewer sandstorms than there used to be. I have spent nearly 2 hours (real time) just hanging outvin Sepermeru just waiting for a sandstorm so I can get the journey feat, but nothing so far.

I’ve had close to The Summoning Place and by the oasis close to The Den. They are random, so there’s a chance you will spend several hours without them.
By the way, I completed that quest just by equipping the sandstorm mask under a sandstorm.

Yeah, you still need a sandstorm to actually show up to complete that particular step. :wink:

A while back there was an update that caused the sandstorm to have drastically changed it’s course through the desert, as well as altered the frequency of appearences. The result was a lot of people weren’t even seeing the sandstorm. Ever. And when they did, it wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Including passing right through some of the area where new characters enter the world, which would be a pretty nasty surprise for anyone with bad timing.

I don’t recall seeing anything about that being fixed. Then again, I’ve been busy with other things lately and haven’t been paying as much attention to patch notes, so it’s entirely possible I completely missed it.

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