Lady Bonecold the mummy queen

In dnd my official monster class is Mummy Lord. In lore I live in my temple. My temple gaurds a single treasure. The eyes of madness. The eye of madness increase max attack,defense and speed of someone by double. The cost is your soul and both of your eyes. You can’t attack me when you replace your eyes with the eyes of madness. My 10 rings allows for more spells,reduce mana cost,free spells per rest and fire protection. As long as I hold my divine holy dagger I recover mana/low tier spells. As well as a minor health regen. My gear is cursed. Player who put ln my gear dies and is disintegrated. My gear soul bound to me. My organs are store in my brothers castle in my own room. This room is heavy locked. Full of mummy priest,mummy dogs,mummy gaurds, mummy lords and mummy workers. Everything in the room is a female mummy. If I am slayed in battle I respawn in my sarcophagus in my room. That takes 24 hours. My wrappings are blessed and if destroyed I can return to my room and get rewrapped by my female mummy priest. The priest and workers look for damage on my gear or wrappings. It hard to destroy my wrappings. I have two sarcophagus. I can warp between them by laying in one and pressing the hidden button. Do not sit up and press the button. The giant blade trap an instant kill. Laying down and pressing the hidden button doesn’t trigger the trap. Everyone who isn’t me shouldn’t use the sarcophagus. As it drains the life of the living. My temple has many mummies. All bless to never decay as long as they stay in the temple.

My gear:

My religion holy dagger relic. Lady Bonecold dagger. My dagger was explain already. My dagger respawns with me.

Second dagger. Unholy mother: steals small amouts of hp and confused enemies on hit.

My rings. Already explain.

My golden bracelets and anklets. The bracelets and anklets adds Armor. 1 ac per each. The bracelets adds faster casting speed by 15% per bracelet. The anklets adds 15% movement speed per anklet. Both anklets nulls fall damage. Each bracelet adds +1 strength. Each anklet adds +1 dex.

My amulet of greater spell resistance. It aso has +1 Intelligence.

My earrings of minor cold and electric protection. Each earrings also recovers man 10% faster/+1 to each spell slot per earrings.

My mask is a heavy mask. +5 Intelligence,+2 spell slots,absorb holy damage, immune to turn undead and destroy undead.

My sword main way of kill my enemies. A magic +3 rapier with a +3 hp heal per turn. The rapier also has a +10% attack speed and ignore 2 AC when I use it. This rapier respawns with me.

My special ability is sand corpse. I can summon forbidden mummies if I die. I summon 4 forbidden mummies. Each one triggered to explode and willing to destroy my enemies. They love exploding spell casters. They have high hp ,low defense and they explode on death. My temple doors relock if you try to steal my gear. The lotuses and scarab beetles love to eat anyone who dare run off with my gear. The eyes of madness are the only treasure you should seek.

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