Lag and stuttering on ps4 pro

The lag on ps4 pro in some servers and areas is borderline ridiculous. Do the devs actually play this to test cause if they do how are they justifying working on anything else until they fix the performance issues. It’s like worrying about a flat tyre on a car with no engine :man_shrugging:t2: Stuttering, invisible enemies, bases taking actual minutes to spawn in, bosses are just impossible to fight as they disappear for minutes at a time and than I just die cause they have been hitting me the whole time just couldn’t see it to avoid it. It’s legit bloody horrible to play. Pls pls funcom this is a brilliant game but the length of time and your seemingly inability to get a handle on these ps4 issues are breaking the game. Like it’s literally unplayable.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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It’s a shame to see that Funcom has brilliant employees who bring great game ideas with love into the game, but has no employees who have any idea of ​​the technology. Conan could be a gold-donkey to Funcom if the game were technically at least mediocre.

Lol like undead dragon is just lag die to fire, lag die to fire rinse and repeat. It’s getting to be a bit of a joke. Over 12 months and still same issue since release.

Yep. And they use us to do their job. Hey community, if you find a bug tell us and we fix it. First problem: We tell them the bugs and they will not be fixed. Not for a year. Second problem: Do your damn job yourself before you spit an unfinished game on the market. It’s your f… job Funcom.


That is the real question here.

After 1 year playing the game I feel confident enough to answer you: no they clearly do not.

But I am sure that some “chosen of Azura” aka “white knight” will come waving his Funcom shiny sword to scold me for my “daring” affirmation.


LOL :slight_smile: Yep, thats what they do best. “WARNING: DEV BASHING” Freeze!!! You are under arrest and You have been suspended from the forum
LOL Who Cares???


They do play… On PC… Not on console so they wouldn’t have a clue… And this last patch clearly wasn’t the PS4 Pro patch it was touted to be


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