LAG: Why that is happening?



Since Funcom seems to don’t care about that, i would ask the community about this problem: lag.
Why some servers lag a lot whyle other just run smoothly?
Why some server that wasn’t lagging before suddenly start to lag like hell?
Why some server have that lag issue for me whyle doens’t seems to happens to my friends, and sometimes it runs ok for me whyle lag to others?
Official server 3601 is currently unplayable due to lags;
Official server 3995 is currently unplayable due to lags;
Official server 3985 lag for several minutes when i log into it, then stabilize and goes fine;
Official server 3566 lag for some time whe i log into it, then get stable and does lag from time to time;
Important to say something about ping: 3601 ping 234, 3566 ping 199, 3995 ping 33 and 3985 ping 66.
Unless i got the wrong information about, i was told that ping means the distance bettwen me and the server location: if that’s true, how does that change so much from time to time? I mean, Official server 3601 was 166 (ping) and now is 234: are the server beeing carried across the whole american territory???
One interesting thing to take notice and figure out how can that happen: i do live in south america region so i was supposed to have less issues on south america’s servers, isn’t it? Then why i can play with minimum lag issues in Official server 3566, wich ping is 199 to 208, whyle i can’t even move myself in Official server 3995 wich ping is currently 33 only???
And finally: when will Funcom get rid of that lag issue for the God’s sake?

Well, if anyone can understand what is going on, please, feel free to clarify that for me because i’m very confused about this issue. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Low cost overselled hardware = lags

Host 40 slots servers on 3.2 Ghz Xeons its real joke


So it’s just as i have tought… They rent their servers and those servers are low quality hardware so they’re cheaper. Well, i can’t see how it does help Funcom in a long term situation; they can save money now by renting low quality seevers but it will mean loseing clients in the future… Red Dead Redemption is coming…


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