Lagged Base made me lose everything

Today I was changing my base a bit when someone tried to raid me. They got some stuff but not much, there was a massive 6v6 fight it was great fun. Unfortunately my base has now lagged out so all the walls have disappeared. They can see where all my stuff is. And I can’t get in my base to fix it. I’ve had to log out somewhere else so I hope my body doesn’t get found. One of my mates can’t log into the game because the base is glitched out and that’s where his body is. If they fix the bug during the day then anyone can just walk in and steal all my thralls out of my benches and any chests that aren’t locked. All because of a glitch I’m going to lose so much stuff. I paid good money for this game, ready enjoy it but it’s so bugged! I think it’s wrong that they can actually sell it when it’s broken.