Lagging out of game to often

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I dont know much about servers or anything of that natures but im tired of lagging 5 or 6 times within a 20 min spell just to find that my character died and the corpse is a 15 hike from where i was. Last time this happened my corpse was way up north in a biome i have never been before. Its fun playing online with my friends but im close to selling this game cause of the lags.

What platform are you playing on??

I have to ask as I play on PC and no matter the server I never have lag issues.

In my group of friends the only one who suffers from lag issues has alower end PC and also I pretty terrible internet connection so not sure if you could be in one of these categories.

Xbox one is what im playing on. I can tell when im about to lag out. People/animals are running on place. I experienced that and also just sudden kicks from the game for no apparent reason. The kicks is what is frustrating. My friends experience the same issues and i know there connection are better than mine

I am playing on server 2586. Pve server