Lags hard one oneX

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [EU]

just look i play for 10min and tje game lags hard i have a video but i cant post it


On local the games is ok no lags ?? online on the server 2012 with 33ping the lags are very hard i cant play at all…

Is anyone have the same problem ? i buy the game on the store xbox can i take my money back ? i buy the game and cant play why this games is on the store…

Hello @pirate-foam, welcome to the forums!

Is your XBOX on a wired or wireless connection?
Does the issue also occur in other servers?

Regarding possible refunds, that’s not something we are able to handle directly, you’d have to contact the store you’ve purchased the game from.

Hi, my xbox is wired and yes all online server (officiel) lags for my…

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Could you please try to reinstall the game and let us know if the issue persists, to dismiss it being related to the patching process?

Hi i just finish to reinstall the game and still the same lags no way to play this way i desinstall and ask for a refund.

Hola yo tenia el mismo problema de retrasos cuando cambie mi operador de cable se solucionaron yo pagaba 10 mb de internet 10 de descarga y 3 mb subida y muchas veces mi operador me daba 3 o 4 mb de descarga y 1 mb de subida sumando todo conectado a un ruter cuando cambie mi operador de cable y pase a 20mb de descarga y 4 mb de subida todo se soluciono y ahora puedo jugar en diferentes servidores sin ningun problema

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hi Cheto422,

Thank you for your reply; like i said before i ask for a refund and microsoft accept so my problem is over :slight_smile:

4 years i have the same operator and i never have this issue… if is realy my adsl the problem it should be mentioned when buying the game warning adsl of XX Mo required at minimum for playng because for me it was a waste of time all simply having to download the game twice for nothing then open a refund request wait 72 hours to get an answer and then wait for the refund all his to say that his was a bad experience and that I will never buy this game again.

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