Why i have lag?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Performance]
Region: [Spain]

I’m on a server with 99 ping, in theory should be correct or with some cortecillo, nothing important. however, I see myself jumping in an interrupted way in some areas of my house, or sometimes I try to pick up some material and I do not collect it. It’s frustrating.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Connect the server 2011 PVE
2. That’s it.

After not seeing any response to this post, and as it has happened to me more times I have captured a video to show my problem.

No one is responding because everyone has this issue, you can even play solo and have lag. This game won’t be fixed, I recommend biting the bullet, buying game pass, and playing state of decay 2 until a game from a real devoloper comes out that you want to play. Otherwise just keep playing Exiles and being frustrated and waste your time and stop playing anyways. I promise I’m just trying to save you time and frustration by saying this