Land claim and vertical

Hi guys,

Does Land claim only see horizontal or will it recognize vertical

Land claim goes vertical. As far as I can tell, it goes up infinitely as well.

Down too.

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is there a dev that could maybe weigh in on this?

LandClaim claims an area in an infinite column vertically.
So if you claimed the ground, you also claimed the cloud above it.


Thank you so much for that fast response!

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Greetings all:
I have a question about same sort of issue.
The question is on a official server I was in the middle of building my home and had gotton the first stage done, yet the moment I wanted to build on the inside I got a Claimed land problem.
I was trying to add blocks to my Durant foundation and I got that message when I was trying to add more vertically. This is just one of many claimed land issue I have been getting and it is just starting to bring my blood pressure up to the point of awaxing everything and leaving official severs completely.
Can anyone help with my predicament?