Land Claim change

Well if they decided to make a sequel I’d have two such systems… Caravan paths…(That can’t have foundations placed on them, so if you wanted to build a base over them you would have to have a bridge over top of it, and if it were too low the NPCs that use the path would simply demolish anything blocking their path…)

And flood planes… (Rich with trees and plants, and every so often the river would possibly wash away entire structures as it deals damage to the outer walls and works its way in as the rushing water and debree batters your structure…)

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As for the caravan idea, I kind of imagined the path being marked by an obvious road or path that players can see and follow to a settlement… Complete with bridges over water and such.

votes for land claim flag idea again

Thing with not allowing in river or roads… is we lose the “build anywhere” I lalready lost cave I had a home in, already lost a tower on edge of town, already lost other home locations cause of add npc’s.

We can’t keep taking away locations… we just need to limit how much someone can build, and how they connect.
Give enough land claim flags, and make sure they can not over lap or connect. This will prevent player from blocking most paths, and force path ways if someone does try and block obelisk. (anything outside bubble decays super faster) So even if a Clan makes a wall across map, there will be gaps and sections that decay faster then can be kept up.

part of issue is umbilical cords that connects bases. If you allow a player to touch one of there land claim flags, and reset decay for everything they own. They no longer need “player built roads” across map to do the same thing.

Don’t take it wrong but I doubt your idea will prevent people to build on boss spawn, closing access to an obelisk etc. I think it will only stop us from working for the community building things like public infrastructures in PvE and PvE-C.

Even if you limit each clan to have one base (only 1 land claim flag, extreme case), what prevents players to have each one their base around an obelisk, around a boss chest, or occupy the sulfur springs, or in the middle of an access to the North from the desert etc. ?

I think a single troll, building his base in this way, could start a chain-effect on others, having all the map unplayable after a while.

Now that we talk land claim… wasn’t there supposed to be a message in game, informing players when entering another player’s claimed land?. I think it was announced at some point, but I may be wrong, age you know…

Upto now, only way to see if it happens is to run around in item placing mod to find out.

This is a real bummer truly.


It will solves nothing this way, I disagree.

Truly, what’s the problem you want to solve ? Because I don’t care if someone build a city, my base occupy all E4 square without closing access to anything, I care about players build a simple line 1x9x5 wall closing the cave in G7 with the croc boss and its chest for example.

The ways the areas of interest are connected do matter though, when related to access. All we need to do at this point is to understand what the ’ intended ’ access level is for developers. Then we can reason further. Otherwise we have no frame to work in with.

whats posted there is short version.

In longer version many of Boss’s have bubbles, but not all. So Croc on NE? has bubble. One in aclove (cool build spot) and pond. Doesnt. On one south? does.

There alot of stuff not posted in my post above, that fills in holes.

There a no build zone over them set locations.
(bubble) (forced space) (bubble)

That forced space is 1-2m across, so no bubble/land flag can connect. And anything not in bubble decays quickly. Again… even if they cover obilesk, Ceiling and several sections would decay quickly outside bubble over it. And even a Clan team effort would fail after hour. You would have to constantly be on 24/7 wasting resources to fill in gaps that keep breaking down.
And anyone can just wait and waltz thru when it does.

One of other things i didnt mention from old threads I posted on it. Is you get several large land claims and small ones. You pretty much can build were ever, outside locked off areas. But it also prevent you from connecting.

In other threads, I pointed out Bosses and some section would get no build bubbles. (many location already have no build zones)

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