Land claim on official Pve


Someone tried to wall me off in my own base by building at the blue cross in the picture, lucky me i was on and managed to spot him, he broke his T1 builds and left.
After that i put the new fondation ( green dots ) to extend the base radius ( was 30 by 37 before this ) and avoid the future blocks.
But letโ€™s be honest, if anyone want to mess with me, they can still block me by building at the pink cross and then i m stuck.
This is on a official Pve server, my question is : now that i extended my base, i m the one in trouble because itโ€™s to big now ( 65 by 70 ) and will i get in trouble if they use the petition feature for land claims?

Do i have to go back to the 30 by 37 and let it happen and then myself use the petition feature?

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On pve server have seen boats on the river I could not even count the foundations 200 plus length with out moving to different spots and guessing. Crazy stuff going on out there. @Sloubi

That is an excellent question.
This one does not know the answer.
This one has not seen consistency in building code enforcement in officials.
So, a solid maybe.

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i havent played the game for so long, there was nothing fancy like that before
Boats looks cool, we have a few on this server, there is also a replica of the daedalus from stargate ( INSANE ) people are realy creative now.
Size wise, there is only one dude in here who has a base whoโ€™s like 500 by 50 -_-

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The oneโ€™s who tried to do this to you will probably report you These type of players go outvof thier just to cause trouble. That seems to make them feel superior over other players. Now just how weak are they and pathetic are they. You decide. Good luck out there.

Looking at your hotbar in the picture something tells me that you are on a private server(modded tools/weapon).
If so you should ask the server owner or admin how to solve this :slight_smile:

EDIT: Never mind just saw that those text on top of hotbar items were shortcuts :grin:
Personally I would report this dude for breaking the TOS :slight_smile: