Land claiming rule!?

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1.How much land claim are you allowed too have before it becomes a bannable offense I understand it have too be for a purpose besides claiming building zones soo let’s say the purpose is too defend against trebuchet? Trebuchet has insane reach if built up really high.
2. How many buildings pieces are you allowed too build with? Cause a clan that’s been there since day one will have a huge base that may cause stress too the server and I know it can get you banned.
I just need more details on these rules cause seems like caves are gonna be the only way too avoid trebuchet without land claim or making a honey comb pillar base.


1.As far i see in rules landclaiming is limited on pve and conflict servers.
2.No limit for now.But if you base is big and have allot placeables and torches-will be lag and huge fps drop-you in problem

There is no definitive answer. However any form of claim spam (claiming land solely to prevent others building) is potentially a bannable offence.
This includes attempting to prevent trebuchet placement.

This applies to all official servers including PvP.

You should familiarize yourself with the official servers terms of conduct

Good Luck!

Depends on the area. Is your base confined to a localized area and doesn’t spread to multiple POIs, despawns several groups of high value nodes, and doesn’t prevent the spawning of multiple groups of mobs including some bosses. Then you should be fine.

I’m going to say this. Leave the subject alone. That’s my advice.

Here’s why. Funcom has, at their option, a means of implementing a building limit. They could do something similar to the Thrall Limit. When private servers run a Mod called Pippi, we have the ability to count the number of building pieces a player or clan is using. We commonly use this to put restrictions. These means there is an easy way (if a mod can do it) for them to count pieces. A simple block when you go over a x amount of pieces and you have your limit.

Here’s the problem. What happens when they set the limit a bit on the low side. It will help with server performance. But it will reduce what you can do. Many of you are going, “Let’s do this!” And I know some of you who are thinking this right now. But many of you hated the thrall limit. Let me show you something.

This structure was built by a friend of mine. In the picture its a tad under 1000 pieces. Now imagine if Funcom set a conservative limit of 500 pieces for an individual and say 100 per additional clanmate. You’d need at least a clan of 5 to build that. There’s no way 5 people could reliably fit in that. Nor could they defend anything in PVP. Building a PVP base could eat into the building limits real quick.

Personally we use a limit of 1000 per person. But I’ve seen some private servers use as low as 250-350 per person.

So if you’re a fan of follower limits. Maybe you’ll be fine with this. If you’re not. Really consider what you all are asking for when it comes to building limits. Personally I want building limits, set in the server settings. That would make my job as an admin much easier. Like the follower limit I wouldn’t have to police anything.

So be careful of what you wish for. Or at the very least, make the wish carefully. Preferably with a number in mind.

You can alredy se the build block and plaseble listen on youre clan page.


I look at that, and see nothing major blocked… nothing on outside prevent attack.

I can’t really see it being issue.

Inless you walk up to it, and ps4 starts on fire trying load it. XD

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Agreed. Do not give the Oompa Loompas any ideas. . .


Oompa lumpa diggety do, we’ve got a ban-hammer waiting for you…

(Also, now I’m imagining that Ignasi’s office has it’s own coffee river :smiley: )

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