Land Mines NEED To Be Changed

What is the point in setting up land mines around your base when you or your clan members can trigger them off.

They need to change land mines so only enemies can trigger them otherwise they are mostly useless.

Give us more ways to defend our bases and please stop adding more ways to raid bases.

I agree that more defensive things would be great but the major flaw in the system that leads to many more ways to attack is pretty obvious you can repair your buildings and rebuild as you are being attacked.also can put out fores through walls. Because of these things exsisting they will keep buffing raiding because it is very unbalanced.

My big issue with that is it only works for online raids so a person offline has little way to defend themselves

Only mine areas you don’t plan to walk through? That’s how real minefields work, at least.


Setup some kinda code for placeables within your clan… if they see a sign, or a certain thing in an area, then they know it’s mined.

LOL well don’t step on them then. It’s pretty simple. lol seriously.

you should be able to place them closer together too