Landclaim, respawn and misc Spitballing

Greetings again.
This one was possessed of an idea which is probably a bad one, but may have some useful tangents. This is primarily in regards to officials, but private servers may find some fiddly bits useful.

Landclaim (and the spamming thereof) is an issue.
As is (serial) refreshing.

The idea of a V Rising esque central hub with a refresh cost has been floated to mixed reviews before. This one’s idea follows those lines, so if you hate that, get ready to hate this.

Now, enough pre-(r)amble.

The idea is, to have a placeable (this one will call it a talisman for now) that generates a land claim. One learns how to craft this placeable along with the different tiers of Masonry.
So it’s packaged with the feat for foundations of tier 1-3.
It would use the same materials as such a foundation.
Higher tier talismans generate a larger claim. This one imagines the tier 1 to have a radius not dissimilar to the thrall pot.
Talismans cannot be placed in locations that would block significant (read: you can be banned for blocking this) spawns (this can be toggled in the admin panel).
The talismans require regular feeding of materials commensurate to their tier (or perhaps essences on Siptah) to refresh decay times.
The talisman would be a placeable that fits within a 1x1x1 comfortably. Perhaps it would have aesthetic similarities to the Bracelet or Obelisks.
A player can have 2 (this number can be adjusted in the admin panel) talismans at one time. A clan leader could craft an additional talisman for every 3 clan members beyound themselves (again, number adjustable in Admin panel) Building additional talismans beyound this limit destroys the one that has been neglected the longest.

Building outside of one’s landclaim is fine. However, the pieces would not claim land and would not contribute to a larger build with increased decay. Perhaps the HP of such buildings would be halved or a quarter. Furthermore, even in PvE servers, buildings in unclaimed areas are fair game for explosives and other demolition.
Furthermore, such buildings will need constant rebuilding as there would be no way to refresh the decay timer for them. Simply put, they would be temporary at best. Likewise, any overly large citadel would see it’s out buildings constantly crumbling and very fragile.

A player may only respawn at their (or their clan’s) talismans, or it’s the desert (or beach for Siptah).

When a player unlocks the feat for crafting bedrolls, they would also learn to craft a lesser talisman. It would not generate a landclaim but it would serve as a one time respawn location.

In addition to providing a more controlled approach to landclaim and build clutter, this would free up beds and (especially) bedrolls to be a placeable decorative.

This one welcomes feedback about this idea, both whether one likes it or not, and (especially) what system limitations this would run afoul of. This one has not dived the deepest codes and thus is unaware if this would just be a few toggled and some new recipes, or a complete rip and rebuild of the system.


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Putting down a flag first before building is not inconvenient. It’s just unexplored.


Very cumbersome, and I do not like any part of it.

A serial refresher may bother me every now and again, but not really, doesn’t particularly affect my gameplay. It doesn’t detract from my enjoyment.

This most definitely would detract from my enjoyment and irritate me on a daily basis.


I wish people would stop begging to be oppressed with these threads.


Begging to be oppressed would be asking for a mechanic for Player Characters to be put on the wheel of pain. After being broken, they are forced into the clan of their conqueror. If the one broken is the head of a clan, all that clan’s resources now belong to the victor.

That’s a recipe for aggressive oppression.

However, this one understands that’s not what you mean.
A jest.

This one prefers clarity to whimsy in their oppression. It’s understandable others would differ in that.


this idea made sense before the sorcerry update , now that players/clans have teleport networks all over the map it makes no sense as they are an asset to the pve server and I really don’t like the idea of logging into the game and my castle is gone thanks to a bored 12 year old kid and without any way to defend myself - it’s pve. …any defense would make it pve-c or pvp …a is the main reason I’m on a pve server , I’ve enjoyed pvp quite a bit in my life , for example in the original Age of Conan and here I enjoy the peace and the surprisingly friendly community ( at least on our server it is)


I will start with bedrolls. This mechanic is vital and it is very good as it is. It has low decay timers and it can be placed almost everywhere. I do agree that bedrolls and small campfires should not indicate land claim, but there’s actually a reason that they do. If they didn’t, then people would find fun to build around and over to troll others and make them remove bracelet and spawn in desert or beach. If pve could explode the bedrolls you can imagine that the troll goes on.
So bedrolls must work at least the way they work right now! I want “more” flexibility for bedrolls, for example to place it in a dungeon, or in the unnamed city, but it’s not so hard either to place it outside close to these areas. For this reason building should have a huge Grey area around the dungeons or grey pools or whatever camp, not allowing to players to build close, but allowing them to place a bedroll and a campfire (since bedrolls have no slots). This way “lags” would be minimized in the area and performance would be better! The map is big and players build closer to camps and dungeons just because they can. That’s why, after the huge Grey area, if necessary, a no build grid, not to allow to someone to build huge and make the others go around his huge “thing”. Don’t get me wrong, i love beautiful builds, i love decorated builds, but when these builds affect the game performance, i feel annoyed too, no matter how much i love building! So if someone wants to go big, he - she can an build in distant places of the map, without getting in so hard in the performance of the “must visit” areas.

The flag system is presented if i am not mistaken by @CodeMage, which has similarities to this system. Every choice has pros and cons.
For example in this case, if the only protected area from demolition is the one with the flag, or the talisman, how risky would it be for a pve player to relocate? How risky would it be to fix a wheel of pain and believe that nobody will bomb it because something happened and i cannot play the next days.
It would place serious boundaries to players that cannot be tactical online for gaming. This general rule of decay, gives opportunity to players that have only weekends free to enjoy their game. That’s exactly the reason that Sunday to Saturday you are fully (except the decay bug Ofcurce) protected from decay.

It’s true that some players, especially now that we have seasons, will play regularly a month and then refresh until the next update. A gamer should be “free” to play other games too, so gamer to gamer it’s not correct to burn each other, especially when the company gives them the right to do so (allows them to take a break without loosing everything). I know what i am and i know what i love to do in this game. So even if I am completely opposite to refreshing and i love to start over and over again, this doesn’t mean that i don’t have to respect people who don’t like to play as i do. So i respect both gamers and company for this decision. I know it has cons, but it has pros too. Still it would be “fair” a mechanism to exist, to push the refreshing persons to minimize, so other players won’t loose performance and enjoy the game too.
An idea for this would be a purge over building limit. If a player exceed the building limit then the player would have purge meter progression no matter what! So either you limit your map expansion, either you’ll accept a random purge no matter if you are online or offline. This online-offline trap is necessary for the ones that would try to abuse the system!

My dearest @LostBrythunian, i know that i didn’t expand a lot in your ideas which i believe are really good. I just gave some extra options for feedback. I know they are rough and not complete as yours, but this is all i can do. I really hope i didn’t disappoint you my dear friend.

Best regards!


The purpose of this thread is to gauge responses here.
Even a simple, “No I hate it” is valuable feedback and exactly what was asked for.

Any elaboration on the why’s, mechanically, or personal play preference wise, is even more useful.

That said, this one would like to be able to place plural non-functional bed rolls. As decoration. That’s the only part of the whole matter this one is invested in and that’s a complete side note.


This deserves a new topic if you ask me. Hide bedrolls are simply my best. I fix my constructions this way that hide bedrolls would made them just perfect for my eyes. I totally agree on this one!

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This one is working on a wishlist of already in game assets that would be excellent as purely decorative placeables.

Bedrolls, the Tents in Sepermeru, Darfari Tents.

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People do like them as placables which is why several mods include them, so it would make sense to add decorative bedrolls to the game (and tents and stuff).


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