Large base lag - Config edit to fix it?

I reinstalled Conan to play with the new 3.0 update and first thing I noticed was some terrible lag around any of my bases. They generally aren’t small bases, but certainly not massive either. Somewhere around 5k - 10k pieces.

I remember there was a setting I’d done before that really helped. I think it was in the Engine.ini, but not 100% sure. Something to do with how may objects could be rendered at once? I just can’t remember now.

At my bases, if I ride an elevator up, I usually stutter and fall through it to my death. Attacking anything near my base is a lag/stutter/rebberband shit show. I doubt it is 3.0 causing it, since forums aren’t loaded with complaints.

I have a pretty decent gaming laptop that is about 1yr old. At my main base, I get 5-26 FPS, depending on if I am moving around or just standing still. Switching from ultra to low graphics settings makes no difference in FPS. Leaving my bases brings my back up to 100+ FPS in Ultra.

Thank you!

I can not say for sure but it seems to me that anything that was build prior to 3.0 has a problem with AoS now, since the building system has change so immensly. My old savegame isn´t playable for me right now. It causes me too much lag. It was mainly used by me in admin mode to precreate pvp and pve bases for other servers I played on. I had mostly build small and medium sized bases around the map and one big base in the jungle. So nothing the game can´t normally handle.

I never had problems with the savegame or lags prior to 3.0, but I do have now. I did a copy and started up a new game and my lags are gone. The AI still shows a strange behaviour and you get the general current bugs. But thats it.

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So do you think tearing down the bases and rebuilding them would fix the issue? I guess I could jusst go to a new location on map that is lag free (no bases near) and drop down a few thousand foundations to see what happens.

Look a little closer and you might be surprised

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