Large Chests illegal build

I’ve been playing since EA and I still have large chests stacked above eachother is this an illegal build? … what I want to know is will my chests all disappear with this update coming up? I have a lot of resources in these chests that I don’t want to lose

They aren’t very likely to give specifics about what is or isn’t an illegal build becuase I don’t think they are sure how their changes will affect the game. However, I think this particular patch is for Construction/Building issues related to fence foundation stacking.

But with the truly underwhelming way FunCom does patches who knows.

Well, we’re all afraid when something changes.

Because we have not 100% it will work as intended.

What can I say you about this is if it will work as intended the wipe will left untouched your chests, because it affects only fence foundations, and you can post your questions about it here:

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