Large Yurt type tents you can pick up for moveable raid base

Now that we have mounts I would really love to have a way to have a moveable base of some description, we can already pick up the workbenches so having a large enough (preferably Yurt-style, because Mongolia raiding) tents we could pick up and move would add a HUGE amount to gameplay.

Being able to move about with your base would add a great alternative to large clans that build fortresses, so that smaller clans could place a few tents, do a large scale raid, and then move again without getting their smaller base wiped out instantly.

Might be a great solution to just being a game of Alpha-clan domination.


I like the idea of a large base, and the game-play you suggest sounds interesting. I don’t PvP myself, and it sounds questionable in terms of abuse potential.

But I still like the idea.

FYI, they DO have some movable tents which you can place stuff under, and that do provide shelter.

It’s just not a big fancy semi-permanent tent type like you suggest. Which would be cool.

Yes, definitely with the simple tent as well, if it was available at the same time you could make the first foundations it would make a lot more sense

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Yeah the abuse side of things would have to be taken into consideration, but to be honest from the sounds of things abuse is a problem across the board and even in the meantime a moveable raiding base might be a good way to throw smaller clans a lifeline to keep the game fun even when there is a large alpha clan.

And you’re right, there are some tents there that you could probably do this feasibly with too, I guess I’m more suggesting a sealable tent that you can attach a door to when you place it and it has a floor, so it’s a real structure but you can also pick it up when you go.

Maybe just a themed DLC with tent style building pieces would be the closest to the vanilla game they could do, you could still build a Yurt with the current wedges and squares for sure.

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