Last to leave guild - lost builds?

Dear Developers, in the past… if a player was the last in the clan and left, all the builds stayed as that last person’s property. This is something players are “used to happening”. Recently, on Siptah… my clan leader (being the last in the guild), left the guild to create a new name, all the buildings are no longer “owned” by him. Apparently, they are now not owned by “anyone”. Is this intended? A bug? Glitch? If this is how things operate, the least Funcom should do is warn players. Players are used to being able to leave a clan (as the only member) and keeping the builds. If this is an intended change, they should warn players

WHAT? All you have to do is go to the clan page and change the name on the top of the page.

As soon as he disbanded the clan, he should have retained all property. Unless of course its bugged.

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He temporarily kicked me… so we could check the land claim. After, he couldn’t invite me back in, so he thought he would leave the clan (retain the build) and then he could rename and recruit me. But, the builds aren’t his, even though… his bed inside the build is still his. Strange…

That sounds very fishy. Did he ever explain why he “couldn’t” invite you back in?


He’s a good friend. It’s not what you are thinking. We’ve played together for a long time and we share a private server, as well. It’s a game bug or glitch. There was no one else in the guild. Just the two of us. The building still show as being own by the clan, but there is no one in the clan. I hope Funcom addresses this issue, before it happens to someone else. It might be a glitch in the “family share” removal. Not sure.

were you the admin of the clan , and passed ownership to your friend before all this ? was your friend always the admin of the clan ? the reason I ask is , if he was the admin of the clan it’s weird that he couldn’t invite you back in , more over as said above , are you sure there were no one left in the clan ? ( you are speaking about a "family share removal bug " , did you have family share characters you used previously to the removal update still showing (or not ) in your clanlist ? )

Asking so that we may understand better what could have caused this bug

He thought I was the admin of the clan, but if that was true, how was he able to kick me? So, assuming he was the admin when he kicked me, not sure why he was unable to reinvite me into the clan. (IF for some reason I was the admin when he kicked me, shouldn’t he have been automatically made that position?)

The only “family share” person on the clan at all, was an account from his house. When we were told about the share being removed, he changed out his character for the one on his main account. He had actually been playing that for a bit before this happened. When he checked, before he left, there were no visible members of the clan except his character. I even purchased copies of the game for his alt character, so he could log him in and see if he was in the clan. He did that and he was “not” in the clan. It was worth the try.

I hope that Funcom will address this issue, my friend put in a support ticket, but so far… no response! I hope that no other player has this happen.

that’s a good question , I’ll try on single player with a friend to see if a high enough grade clanmate can kick the leader out … if so then i’ll report it , on the mean time , did this happened on an official server ?

Yes, a Siptah official server.

then in the worst case scenario , be prepared to loot your decayed base back , it’s a shame loosing fighters placed on the world / the benches and all the mats spent on the base :confused:

I hope there is a better outcome to this thread for you though !

We are preparing for the worst, but still hoping for a chance that Funcom support will fix this. It’s really strange, because my bed in the building I can’t get into is still one of my spawn points. Thank you for your suggestions! Much appreciated…

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Wish someone from Funcom had responded. I still wonder if any other players have experienced being the last in the clan, leaving it and losing all their builds. ???

I have experienced more or less the same thing (in singleplayer, where the clan function was being used for various experiments). Any time I have left the clan for any reason, I have lost ownership of everything in that save. (I once had a character leave a clan while inside the base - couldn’t even open the doors to get out :slight_smile: ) I just assumed it was supposed to work that way.

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