Last two offical servers i played on poofed

a few days after the chapter three came out the offical server i was on poofed and havent come back yet i was like 50 hours in on it. the new offical server i found and put hours in on just suddenly dissapeeared tonight and i was on playing on it earlyer in the day. any idea why this happens?

Whenever you load into an official server, a “server message of the day” pops up that says:

Please read the Official Server Rules: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

Is it possible you’re violating the ToS and need to read the guidelines?

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i dont think so i just been gathering mats and doing the journeys and if some one needs something i try and help

how would i know if i was banned from the server any way?

I just reread your post, I may have misunderstood you the first time I read it. I originally thought you meant that the buildings you put up were going “poof.” Did you mean the actual server itself is disappearing from the server menu list? If the latter is what you meant then I apologize, that has nothing to do with you breaking the ToS.

Sometimes servers crash or restart and are not listed on the server list, I can’t say that is what you experienced, but it may be the case.

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yeah like i think both instances the servers was being laggy and stuff sometimes would say about ping then after the new stuff came out the first one disapeared never showed up. the second one everyone was getting Dced alot last few days we all got hit with a ping too high yesterday. today it was a little laggy i logged went and ate and came back and it was gone still hasnt come back.

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lol neither of the servers have come back. it’s weird

Can you write the numbers of both servers?

i dont remeber what the are lol