Lava Building should be a no

shouldnt be able to build in lava if lava 1 shots players it should break structures as well


I’d say it should depend on the material… (I’d say it shouldn’t break anything T3 unless it’s made of wood… Building anything out of wood in the lava should result in all of the wooden stuff instantly catching fire…)

After all I think being able to build bridges to cross over the lava should be doable…

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bridges i think are good,but building massive bases in lava should be a no

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i agree, for me it makes litterally NO SENSE to build ON the lava.

Normally i always say come on, it’s a game, more convenience is always good, but not in that case.
LAVA is LAVA and when i saw myself building a bridge over the lava well, it felt very very weird.

Problem is if we cannot build on lava anymore, how are we supposed to capture the named thralls from the well of skelos?


If they fix the broken loading screen at skelos cave it may help to do it :wink:

Can we even drag thralls through a loading screen though?

No, that’s why it needs fixing first :wink:

lava is molten rock its going to melt any t of building materials in this game.

No you cant

Well then, I’d suggest then that at the very least Black Ice be able to stand up to lava… (As it’s supernatural ice that won’t melt due to heat…) After all it was pointed out by Roro4066:

there’s a small path leading up, you need place a smaller wheel up near the west entrance. But i agree, without some foundations in the volcano, not an easy enterprise.

If that was true you won’t be able to forge it to make building pieces…dont get me stared on black ice buildings needing wood and black ice to make stone foundations is stupid you should need bricks and black ice and wood to make black ice structure’s this is more idiotic balancing from funcom but i digress if i can forge it or burn it down with tar then it should be obliterated by lava.

for me there is just no way to drag your thralls to your wheel without building something on/over the lava.
i know it’s hard to describe this kind of stuff here on the forum, it’s def better to show things when we are together in game in the volcano, but i would be all ears to listen to an other way of dragging thralls from the well of skelos to a wheel pain :smiley:

agree, hard to describe, still my problem here with such stuff.

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