Legendary Chests - allow stacking of skeleton keys

Since Funcom has shafted the community by removing chests from the world where they have been since day one. At least the should have the decency to make skeleton keys stackable instead of shafting us out of inventory space for their bad decision.


Not sure if you are aware funcom said it was ok to block world bosses and chests several weeks back, this is why.
This decision means saved man hour in enforcing a TOS rule that is now moot.
Moving the chest in to the dungeons makes dungeons more relevant; like there aren’t dungeons some of us farm regular.

That is also why they redid the loot tables and added more chest to the dungeons. To get the dungeons more active; for some reason.

Now as far as keys stacking, I don’t think they need to. Your inventory space is massive and the keys hardly weigh anything. I don’t know how many slots a character has but I do know I have carried 3 chest of stuff a few times.

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Not a bad idea, and I suppose it wouldn’t be difficult to code in a keyring for skele keys like the one for Jailor’s keys. It would be convenient, but the average player isn’t hoarding chests full of skeleton keys. I’d rather have devs devote that time to fixing bugs that have persisted for years.


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