Legendary weapons disappeared when moving from one box to another

**Game mode: Online official
**Type of issue: Bug | Misc; Legendary objects are no longer there
Server type: PvE; Official server #1029 PvE -g-portal.com Revision (#206526/24202)
**Region: EUROPE

I have discovered the following problem.
While moving I took complete big boxes including the items in them into the inventory.
Thereby various “legendary” items, especially weapons, were lost or were no longer available.
Would it be nice if you could restore them to me (if possible)?!

  1. Stow legendary items in a big chest (molded wood, iron reinforcement). In total there were about 6-7 almost full big chests.
    2.Collect all boxes with the command “Back to inventory” (move them to your own inventory).
    3.Then I got the message that I am full or overloaded.
    4.Then I wanted to put the contents of my inventory back into new big boxes and all the Legendary Weapons were gone. Then I logged out and logged in again, but everything was still gone. Only the Legendary Kit’s and armor were still there.

Thank you

If you log out, then back in, do the items reappear in the box?

There is this bug where your stuff will turn invisible. I think maybe due to slow loading times.

Your inventory seems endless but it can only hold around 200 items.
Each chest can hold 45 items.
7 chests is potentially 315 items plus 1 stack of 7 chests.
Unfortunately as soon as you reach that 200 or so everything else just seems to vanish.

Sadly, most of us have learnt this the same way you have.

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It just VANISH??

So when I go to a full vault and take it all, >100 items are gone? That sounds like massive bug…

I don’t know if it is a bug so much as not well thought out.
If you open a container and try to take all, it only lets you take what you can fit in your inventory.
If you pick up/dismantle a container their is nowhere for the extra stuff to go.
Probly should go into a loot bag or better yet, give you a warning that picking up the item will cause you to lose what you can’t carry.

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My experience is it goes into a loot bag. The bag may have bugged out and dropped below and “out of view”. I tend to scoop all when moving/rearranging. This way I don’t have to worry about the accidentally loot bag not appearing where it should.

This has never happened for me or other people who have complained about this on my server. Once your inventory is full - any other items you try to pick up just disappear.

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I’ve don’t remember ever getting a lootbag when picking up anything more than my inventory can carry.
Mind you, it’s been a long time since i’ve taken the risk.

I think he means if you pick the whole chest up and you have not enough space for its content. This is when you get a bag usually.

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I know that is what he meant. I have several times picked up whole chests and lost the items due to my inventory being full. A loot bag has never appeared - items are just gone.

Interesting … pretty much every time I pick a bunch of chests up I end up with a bag and I am like oh sh*t, place down one chest fast to loot the bag before it decays.

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That is interesting - maybe it’s changed. It has been a really long time since I did this last. It’s a painful lesson to learn.

It sounds like you put the chest in your inventory and therefore you get the loot.

But @Mumra did you also do it like that? Or did you say in the opened chest “take all”?

I picked up the entire container (be it a chest or vault).

No loot bag appeared with items that wouldn’t fit in my inventory.

I have used “take all” in an opened chest - items that wouldn’t fit in my inventory stayed in the chest.

They may have changed it because I get a bag when this happens, normally I put a chest down quick, dump stuff from inv to the chest then pick the bag up

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