[Item Loss!] Large Chest will loose items if you place more then 30 items into it

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [ NA ]

I cannot remember if you can place more then 30 items into Large Chest, but wiki says it can hold 45 individual items.

Regardless, after (15.06.2018) Build 100728/18311, when you open an empty Large Chest, you can see 30 empty spots. Upon filling all 30 slots, a new roll will appear and you can add 5 additional items.

However, if you leave the area or relog, all items in Large Chest after 30th item will disappear.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Craft Large Chest
2. Fill it with 30 items
3. Added addition items
4. Leave the area – by traveling far away, or logout if on empty server
5. Log back, and check the chest. It only holds 30 items.

I can’t reproduce this bug with vanilla settings and no mods so i’m going to assume that you have a mod that is causing your issue and has nothing to do with the game itself. If that is not the case and you have no mods then it seems to be very isolated bug effecting very few.

No mods. Vanilla single player game. However, I am using sandbox client (without Battleye) as oppose the main client that installs and uses battleye… since I don’t want battleye on my machine, and it doesn’t matter when you are in a single player game.