Lost event items after Grave Matters event End

Game mode: *Online official, Server #2880 Exiled Lands
Type of issue: * Bug / Other
Server type: * PvE-C
Region: [ US ]
Hardware: [ Xbox One X ]

Bug Description:

After the recent Grave Matters even ended, a “Large Chest” with about FIVE FULL SETS of Master Skelos Armors as well as a few other items/armors has disappeared and the loss of the items in question is NOT reflected anywhere in the event log

Steps to Reproduce:



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Did you lose the chest itself, or just the contents inside it?

There is currently a known bug that is causing chests to randomly lose stability.

Also are you solo, or in a clan?

Lost Both the Chest and the items within it.

I am in a clan with one other person.

I have seen the other bug reports, but in those cases, the chests in question show up in the event log losing stability and I assume the resulting loot bag with the items de-spawning shortly after.

In my case, I have checked all relevant event logs individually(Building, Friendly/unauthorized access, Loot Bag) and did not see a log for either the chest itself or the items contained within. The items/chest are just gone. Spent hours/days farming the event to have enough pieces of armor for FIVE FULL SETS to use and have spare sets for the eventual loss of those sets due to PvP or unintended deaths but now all that hard work is just gone.

I have heard that there is possibly an issue with chests being placed on top of other placeables, and in my case I did indeed have the Large Chest in question placed on top of a Cupboard storage.

P.S. Would also like to clarify the day before when event was still live, the chest was still there. It wasn’t until after the server updated(at restart I assume?) to end/de-activate the event that I noticed the chest being gone the next day.


Yes this has always been an issue, but the cases are sporadic, so it seems difficult for them to pinpoint the exact issue.

Needless to say it is currently advisable to ensure all chests are placed individually.

Hopefully all chest related problems are prioritised, and fixed soon. It really is sad to hear about so many people losing chests recently.

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Indeed. such a shame that for me the event I so thoroughly farmed and enjoyed will now be marred in my memory by this issue. Sadder still that I know that the items in question despite being available only for a limited time will in all likelyhood NEVER be restored.

Well guess it wasn’t enough to lose my event loot. Now funcom has seen fit to take everything without explanation. Great.

Greetings @InexorableWrath,

Thank you for your report. We’ll reach out to you via direct message to ask some questions about your base.

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