Legendary Weapons

Hi by chance is there a list somewhere of all the Legendary Weapons in the game I’ve gotten quite a few but I don’t know if I have them all … hopefully someone on here has knowledge on this topic thank you

Response to the habitual reporters: how incredibly thin-skinned do you have to be to be offended by LMGTFY? The OP sure wasn’t, he got his answer.

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Perfect thank you

By chance do you know if all Legendary Chests share the same weapon list? Like could I just farm one legendary chest and have a chance to get all weapons or do I have to open different chests to acquire different weapons?

As far as I know, they’re all 100% randomly selecting one item from the same list. So farming the same one over and over is no different from picking a new one every time (apart from boredom and a slight smell of cheese in the air in the former case).

Not all heroes wear capes… :laughing:

they share the same % of each. And it doesn’t work like vegas slots, where after 1 has been spawned, it reduces the chances of that one the next time. I don’t have it in front of me, but i do think each weapon is slightly weighted different in the table I tend do to get a lot of brittle bastards, and very few blade of the adventurers or light-sabers. But it could also just be coincidence :slight_smile:

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