Lemurians at Pagoda

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So the testlive patch notes said that more lemurian crafters and priests at the Pagoda…Where are they? Not seeing any change in the NPC’s up here.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Lol same here , keep visiting though, in the hope of a 'named ’ dancer at least :wink:

Not the update that came today, the testlive patch is the big (500 fix patch?) one they’ve mentioned a bit lately… Today was more of a small hotfix along with the enabling of the dlc i guess :slight_smile: when the big patch hits, i’m thinking the thralls will come too

The new NPCs in testlive are located at bonfires on top of rocky mounds to the immediate left of the pagoda.

Where is the pagoda?

The Pagoda of Boundless Lusts is located in the jungle to the east, south of the Palace of the Witch Queen.