Lesser Gods and God defences

Lesser Gods and defenses
I think they exaggerated the whole god summoning a bit. For how large they are and their attacks radius how could you possibly balance these things? Alter defences were added but here are the problems with that.

-Must be X distance apart to place an alter, this makes protecting your entire base from all 4 gods rather challenging.

-Alter only defends against the respective god type.

-Projects a large beam alerting any passerby of the alter location, and exposing any “hidden”

They really should lower these tools to a more manageable position, to where it isn’t as practical to summon a god and even if they do, it isn’t a total game changer especially if the base owners aren’t online.

-God summons should be drastically reduced in size, about 33% reduced based on what size a large base is compared to them currently. This makes their attacks and presence a bit more approachable and specific in regards to base attacks rather than towering over it all.

-Add a unique attack for each god using light and heavy attack buttons but more unique to each god’s weaknesses.

==Mitra stomps (heavy attack) or throws a resource node (tree or rock only; 1st cast bends down to attempt to collect a node, 2nd cast, if 1st is successful, will throw it. Light attack, long after cast, hold down aim like bow) Passively Mitra’s presence prevents and clears status effects on allies.

==Set will lunge bite (light attack) or coil up for a far range bite (heavy attack). Passively set’s presence corrupts the area around him.

==Ymir swings his axe downward (heavy attack) or roars causing light piercing damage in front of him in a cone. Passively Ymir 's axe swing and roar causes the temperature to drop drastically (axe hit causes a large AoE chill spike, roar rapidly chills during channel)

==Yog thrusts the ground to shake the area (heavy attack) or can float using a limited stamina pool (holding jump will consume the stamina and releasing jump will cause it to slowly float back down. This balances the fact that yog can fly over any mountain vs the other gods. Yog’s pressence will cause the area to be very dark and cloudy as well as full of the same effect grease orbs have.

-Gods deal far less damage, but are essentially massive moving seige, npcs and players can still “damage” gods to lower their time summoned or kill the summoner to disable their avatar.

-Alters no longer provide a bubble of resistance unique to the god, instead all alters have a recipe to create a totem (could provide unique designs for each alter type) which will attack gods in various forms when nearby. Totem placement covers a very large zone which prohibits totems from being stacked on each other, but Alters can now be placed near each other. All totems reveal themselves when attacking for a while but passively do not emit any markers to the map.

==Mitra totem periodically strikes the god with lightning lowering their duration. Lightning is shot from the totem towards the enemy god, as to reveal its position.

==Set totem periodically summons a poison field around the enemy avatar, this poison is fast stacking. A haze eminates from the totem while it is applying poison. Works fast at destroying nearby gods if you can keep them relatively still.

==Ymir totem glows bright and constantly summons a blizzard around the enemy avatar location heavily slowing and damaging the avatar. Works best if you have only 1 way into your base.

==Yog totem will reach out and tether itself to the god constantly pulling the god towards it by drastically reducing its mobility away from the totem and increasing its movement towards the totem. Once bound cannot be broken free unless breaking the totem. This is best for getting the enemy god stuck in certain crevices and distracting the enemy avatar from other buildings.

-Totem crafting requires, [Offering feast unique to the god type; same amount of tokens as current alter defence (believe its 500) and lastly you must use the respective alter tool to harvest the corpse of the respective god type (High priest or arch priest only) which will provide a unique trinket required in each recipe. This trinket has a rather high spoil rate (few hours) and the inability to tame then kill the preist makes obtaining these totems rather difficult. Additionally totems have a “resource” pool that diminsihes everytime it is active, and these totems can break eventually if they run out. Totems cannot be replenished but can be broken and then replaced. Totems do not have a natural spoil rate but again, can break when they run out of power.

This makes offline defences much stronger against gods, since the totems are unique in defence but attack all enemy avatars, and gods become more of a full on seige effort rather than a guarunteed win or you have to work around some glowing bubble that prohibits them from entering. This lets people build a little smarter and doesn’t expose any alter(totem) defences unless attacked by an avatar, so bases can not clutter the map with as many icons all the time.

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