Lesson learned: wheel of pain stops overnight

I’ve been playing this game a while and had the title happen quite a few times. I used to only use gruel since it decays quite slowly, but other foods when overstocked.

Now I use gruel for my thralls, so decided to use the two larger cooked fish. Why in the hell did my wheel stop overnight? Plenty of food left.

No taskmaster yet with T4s in the grind, it took 3 days to break them (and one was a T3 taskmaster !). Finally, I realized that when the selected food ran out, so did the wheel. Sigh.

So, the message is the same as the furnace, when the fuel source runs out the wheel stops.

Let that be a lesson to me: one type of food source at a time.




I usually “fuel” my wheels with steak, works great

I always found it a little frustrating that “fuel” sources don’t automatically switch when one runs out.


I myself am a large fish thrall feeder… gotta use em for something.

I learned this harsh lesson awhile ago. Don’t confuse the taskmaster. He/She only follows one set of instructions at a time. His/Her job is to work the whip, not work the kitchen…

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Brainless piece of …

Need a good woman.



I used to dump all of my cooked shellfish into the WoP.

Now that we know this, no more wasting. :slight_smile:

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Thats when i decided to bypass this step and stick em straight in the compost or fluid press.

Now I put them (alongside with honey) into thrall feeding pots - the unappetizing shrinps are good source of ichor), and use gruel instead. Keep the bugs from gathering plant fiber and put them into the fishtrap, and put the unappetizing fish into the press.
So now: (almost) free oil, honey, ichor and foods!

I did at first also, but then I came to appreciate it. It lets me finish burning the last piece of wood so that the coal is queued up for next time. What if there were multiple fuel sources in a machine? We all know combat thralls are really dumb. What no one talks about is how the crafting thralls are also dumb - can’t decide which fuel you would want to burn so they wait for you to tell them. Or what if they would be punished for using the wrong fuel. Better to wait until you instruct them not to burn the plant fiber that you wanted to use as gruel ingredient so that you don’t remove them from their post and ‘accidentally’ drop them off tied up in a lootbag somewhere in the Shattered Springs.

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