Food for slaves

Food for slaves.

How do we make food for slaves and how do we make oatmeal / gruel ?

Go out and harvest fiber. Eat the bugs, but put the seeds and fiber into your cook fire. That will make slave gruel for your wheel.

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OK thanks.

Later on when you learn more recipes and get a stove and a cooking thrall you can start to make better gruel that burns slower in the wheel.


You can also use any type of food in the game, i actually like to use Exotic flesh because it last a long time

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Any food is working for the wheels. It’s just the burn-time that change. Give the what you have the most, and is easiest for you to get. :smiley:

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Just make shellfish traps and you will get a lot of free lobsters every day for anything you need.

You can use any food in wheels of pain.

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OK thanks, guys.

Does the type of food have an impact on the duration of enslavement / suffering ?
I guess, no ?

No every food has a different burn time as how much time before they are consumed.

OK thanks.

Personally, I don’t feel Enhanced Gruel and Honeyed Gruel are worth it. It takes way too many materials to make Enhanced Gruel compared to the decrease in burn time.

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what about fish?

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I think they are a bit especially if you have a lot of the things needed to make it as well as a good level cook Thrall.

Gruel is the best fuel, indisputable. Exotic flesh has a longer burn in the wheel, but because the meat rots so quickly you won’t get the full value of your roasted haunch since all your stacks will rot long before they burn as fuel.

Plus its just easier to grab a sickle and pump out a few stacks of gruel in a couple minutes. Keep the haunch for yourself for healing.

It’s best to check gamepdia wiki. Gruel is still one of the best options but also if u have a fish farm exotic fish can be good.

Note: human flesh does not work in the small wheel of pain.

Yeah but it’s the little sprinkle of nutmeg that makes all the difference. 4 out of 5 thralls trained on honeyed gruel are less likely to die saying stupid things.

Nine fish traps will catch enough blue fish for oil 1:1 ratio that you can make all your exotic fish into thrall food. Nine traps will fuel two wheels while you work them for thralls, oil and fuel. And they feed you.

I prefer feeding my slaves human flesh when on they’re on the wheel. The disgust and despair of it all crushes their souls so completely that they are willing to do whatever I command once I have broken them. Plus, I get plenty of flesh from harvesting corpses to worship my dark gods.

My fish go to the wheel also. The savory and exotic fish go on the cookfire and then on the wheel, unsavory ones either get pressed for oil or cooked for ichor and the wheel.

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