How to get tons of gruel and seeds?

I am constantly running with my sickle to get seeds so I can cook gruel to my prospects. It takes me quite some time.
What is the best way you know to get gruel or seeds?


While leveling up new thralls along the river I use a starmetel sickle with a advanced tool fitting gather seeds fiber and aloe pass the fiber to my thralls to keep my weight down got almost 300 aloe last pass plus alot of seeds and fiber. I know there is better tools but I can repair this easily.


The question is why?
Do you play pvp and you want to have food all the time on your guarding thralls?
If it’s for pve, I see no reason except the thrall following you.
On the thrall pots I put everything a thrall can eat and some honey. The annoying part is that they gain it without consuming it and sometimes all I had to do is go around and empty their inventory from the stacks of food they had stored.
Like @sestus2009 said high tier tools upgraded give a lot of seeds and fiber. Leaving agents are the best to farm, they give both leaving agent and fiber, plus they give both seeds too. This way you farm both for the thralls and you (mead for pork feast and mulled brew).


It sounds like Wonka was asking for food for the wheel of pain.


Indeed!, I am recruiting and need to feed them with gruel, thank you!

I found a solution from a related post!
This will take time, but I believe this will help me!
I will try the following:

  1. In a Planter: 1 Seeds + 1 Compost = 10 Plant fiber
  2. In a Dryer: 3 Plant fiber = 1 Seeds

This should start a nice sustainable cycle!
I could also just dry a ton of Plant fiber gathered with the sickle for the seeds, since it is the most difficult item for me to find.


It’s also slow as molasses. I don’t really understand, though. With proper tools and less than half an hour, you can harvest enough fiber and seeds to overencumber you in full encumbrance build. The amount of gruel you can get from that is absolutely insane, considering that you get 10 gruel for each seed.

What tools are you using to harvest fiber and seeds? And also, what exactly are you using the gruel for? Is it for the wheel of pain or to level your thralls or what?


It is for the WoP. What bothers me is that with the Hardened Steel Sickle I get thousands of plant fiber and only a couple hundred seeds.
I have less than 10 human Thralls, so I need a lot of gruel.
But it’s ok, I will try the reaaally slow cycle just for the fun of it, and I will dry the plants for the seeds. That should be enough.

Also, make sure you use the Greater Wheel of Pain so you can break 8 thralls with the same amount of gruel. And put a T4 taskmaster on that wheel, because that cuts down how much gruel you need.

Ah, there’s your problem. Use an obsidian or Black Blood sickle and slap an Advanced Tool Upgrade on it. If you really can’t get your hands on either, then use a star metal sickle (with the same upgrade).


Darn!, good point.

Well, thank you everyone!
Great tips!
I will try to build the Greater WoP tonight, I already have the T4 for it.

Good hunting!


Yeah, growing plant fiber is barely sustainable. You get 10 fiber from 1 seed and 1 compost, but you need to use 5 fiber for next compost and 3 fiber for next seed, which leaves you with a net surplus of only 2 fiber. And that’s without considering all the other stuff you’ll need for compost (either dung, or putrid meat and bonemeal) and the bark you’ll need for drying.

It’s doable, but I would rather watch the paint dry :smiley:


take an alternative…

try this…

u will love how good is for the wheel


When you harvest you get Plant Fiber, Seeds, and Bugs.

If you put the excess Plant Fiber on a drying rack, you get more seeds.

Make Oil or Gruel as needed.

If you have the Hard Worker perk, along with the Encumbrance perk and a decent gathering tool that is upgraded…

You should be coming home with 10,000-20,000 fiber and 3,000-5,000 seeds. Like I said, you can dry the excess fiber for additional seeds.

Just do it! All you need is bark.


let me know ur impression! and ty for the trust :smiley:

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Ok my viewpoints

Greater wheels are large so if pvp, your footprint is going to be noticable unless you have good hidden techniques.

Harvesting if far faster but manufacturing in a continuous manner isn’t to be ignored…small profit is profit you didn’t have before. That like turning down 1%matching 401k because you want a faster rate of return…it’s not mutually exclusive. Do both and be wise about it and it’s great combo.

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Cool tip and helps the op. I need plant fiber for my compost production anyways so that I can farm the stacks I need for more potion than what is at burning man

Still not a big fan of greater wheel unless you have a spot to hide the stupid thing. By the time you get to the level of getting the resources needed for it, you probably already have half the t4 crafting thralls you’ll ever need.

Allow me a small correction here…
Each time a piece is used (and its consumed in under an hour ofc,) the stack that has been used renews its timmer…

So the correct thing that we could say is that if 100 last 17 hrs, u will have 8-9 decayed, as the stack that is not used will only decay for half this time (the other half of the time the 2nd stack will be used)…


Edit: the rest will decay when wheel is done and then just sit there…

If i am not wrong, a named in a greater wheel with a t4 taskmaster needs about 14 hrs… So u bassically need under 100 pieces in there , but tbh i find pork so easy to gather that i never calculated the exact amount… I also just put two stacks in wheel and i am ok


As i said, ty for the trust:)